10 fun facts about the Renault Clio 0

Hard to believe but the Renault Clio has been for sale on these shores for over 25 years now. Makes you feel old doesn’t it? Still continuing to sell well, we thought we’d fill you in on some facts you may not have known about the popular French car: The Clio was launched in the(…)

Driver has lucky escape after lorry takes him out for a spin 0

A car driver had a lucky escape after it was sent spinning across four lanes of a motorway by an HGV. It was only the quick reactions of other drivers on the M74 near Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, that prevented a pile up. The incident, captured by Stuart Maclaren on his dash-cam sees the car occupying(…)

Islington set to charge diesel drivers £2 surcharge to park from 2018 0

Drivers of diesel cars will have to pay an additional £2 if they want to park in Islington from 2018 onwards. The new legislation passed by the council, will be the first of its type in the UK. Drivers will be able to pay by entering their registration details into a pay-by-phone app. Prior to(…)

Five interesting facts about Peugeot 0

Peugeot – without doubt one of the globe’s motoring thoroughbreds. But how much do you really know about Peugeot? The French carmaker has an interesting history. Peugeot started life as a coffee mill. Yes, when Peugeot first started out as a company it wasn’t cars they produced, but coffee. In 1810, brothers Jean-Pierre and Jean-Pierre(…)

A look back at the Toyota Celica A20/35 (1970 – 1977) 0

Today our retrospective focuses on one of Japan’s most illustrious exports to the UK and US (in particular) – the Toyota Celica A20/35. The first generation of the Celica had always been slated primarily as an export and had been designed accordingly. To all intents and purposes, it was a coupe version of the Carina.(…)

Fun facts about Audi (depending on your definition of fun) 0

When there’s not much in the way of exciting branded Audi news we do this: a trivial look back at the company’s history. Usually this takes the form of a retrospective look back at a classic from the back catalogue. Today however, we thought we’d hit you with a few fun facts about Audi so(…)

A look back at the BMW 3.0 CSL ‘Batmobile’ 0

Is there a more coveted sporting BMW than the 3.0 CSL? Perhaps, but by god it’s beautiful… The revered and iconic shape of the big BMW coupe was first sketched out on the drawing board in 1965 – the 2L coupe by Karmann. By ‘68 it had developed into the e9 chassis and production continued(…)

Relay car theft caught on CCTV 0

Behold car crime of the future… A security camera has captured the moment two thieves steal a Mercedes from outside the owner’s house without either having to force entry or steal the owner’s keys. The car is pinched using a technique known as ‘relay theft’. It involves one person standing at the victim’s front door(…)

A look back at the Nissan 300ZX (1984 -1989) 0

It was natural that Nissan would want to build upon the success of the 260ZX. This came in the form of the 300ZX, an updated expansion of the former. The modern new styling didn’t catch the public’s imagination however, neither did its relatively zippy quick turbo form. The general consensus was that Nissan had moved(…)

Man who forgot where he parked reunited with car 20 years later 0

Frankfurt 1997 – man reports his car as stolen to the police. Frankfurt 2017 – man reunited with his car after it is finally tracked down. Turns out it wasn’t stolen after all, the owner had just forgotten where he parked twenty years ago. Assuming it had been the victim of thieves, the man had(…)