The new generation Volkswagen Golf MK8 0

Every time a new Golf is released there is always a big buzz in the automotive industry. The highly popular car will come with some ground-breaking this time round. Volkswagen has ensured that their best-selling hatchback will be more economical, more powerful and also be a lot more technologically advanced. Although at present it hasn’t(…)

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 at the LA Motor Show 0

Is this the most luxurious car ever? The Mercedes-Maybach S600 has revealed at this year’s LA Motor Show. The brand new S-Class Mercedes-Maybach saloon will go straight to the top of the company’s range. As the pictures show, the vehicle is quite sizeable. It is 200mm longer than a long wheelbase S-Class and has more(…)

Black box drivers being made to do online courses 0

Some drivers who use a Black Box for insurance purposes may be asked to pass online tutorials. Those who are deemed ‘at risk’ will be sent tutorials by insurers asking them to complete it in order to keep premiums as low as possible. Driver Risk Dynamics The tutorials have been developed by Driver Risk Dynamics.(…)

The Ferrari F80 Concept 0

The Ferrari F80 concept was first seen back in August. It was never likely to make production but if it did, it would be able to hit an outstanding 1,200 BHP. Adriano Raeli design It was developed to provide inspiration for future Ferrari technology and designs. It was designed by Italian Adriano Raeli. He said(…)

A preview of the LA Motor Show 0

The LA Motor Show is one that very highly anticipated from across the world this year. It will have the most significant new cars in the industry on display. We check out a few here in today’s article. Audi Sketches of the new Audi A9 Concept have already been released, which we reported on yesterday.(…)

Sketches of the Audi A9 appear online 0

Sketches of the Audi A9 concept have appeared online before it makes its first appearance at the LA Motor Show. Some believe the name of the car will be the “Prologue” concept. It appears to be a two door coupe, not a four door like originally thought. The car will adopt the company’s new design(…)

The Mercedes AMG GT out now 0

We first saw the vehicle at the Paris Motor Show earlier this year in October. Now the highly anticipated Mercedes AMG GT has finally been released. Prices start from £97,195, with the highest ranging model costing £122,745. The car gets inspiration from the SLS, coming with a marvelous design. What is coming to the UK(…)

The Fisker Rocket Muscle at the LA Car Show 1

Henrik Fisker has returned to the scene with the new Rocket Muscle Car. We’ll see the car’s first appearance at the LA Car Show. Mr Fisker, the former Head of Design at Aston Martin worked on bringing the car to life alongside Galpin Auto Sports, a company based in the United States. Sneak peak of(…)

Citroën’s remarkable technology 0

Citroën have managed to stay on top of their game for a number of years, becoming one of Europe’s leading mass car producers. Sure the designs look great, the performance and economy of the cars are fantastic, their reputation is superb too, but what is the main reason behind those particular attributes? You’d have to(…)

The McLaren Sport Series 0

McLaren are to launch a brand new Sports Series vehicle to rival the Porsche 911 and the Mercedes AMG GT. The model name was just recently confirmed and will launch in the second quarter of 2015. It was previously only known by the codename ‘P13’. The sports car company refer to the vehicle as a(…)