Car Safety Technology 1

There are many new advanced technologies which have been implemented within cars to provide safety for drivers and passengers. These features are standard within most new cars and are being utilised effectively, preventing accidents, near misses and fatalities. Electronic Stability Control is built within all new vehicles. It’s a piece of technology that is used(…)

The SARTRE Project 0

Firstly SARTRE stands for Safe Road Trains for the Environment. It’s a European Government Initiative which is at present being developed, with many different partners involved. In a nutshell, it’s a unique piece of technology to allow a type of Road Cluster for cars which allows them to follow a lead vehicle automatically. Once following,(…)

How is my vehicle powered – how does petrol make my engine work? Part 3 0

Remember from Part 2: Think of each piston in your engine as the leg of a cyclist on a bike. Except you need to imagine the cyclist with four legs (a typical car has four cylinders) or maybe six, eight or more – so a fly on bike, or a spider on a bike.  To(…)

How is my vehicle powered – how does petrol make my engine work? Part 2 0

Remember from Part 1:  When fuel burns, the space taken up by the exhaust gases is much much greater than the space that the original petrol and oxygen took up to start with. This is due to the gases produced, and a lot of heat. In an internal combustion engine, like the one in your(…)

How is my vehicle powered – how does petrol make my engine work? Part 1 0

In a nutshell, the fuel our car uses is a specific ‘fraction’ extracted from the refining of crude oil, which is a naturally occurring liquid, formed from the remains of animals and plants that lived millions of years ago, and were compressed by billions of gallons of sea water. Imagine crude oil is a box(…)

Is Buying a New Vehicle Cost Effective? 0

When you buy a new car, it is often quoted that it loses about 20% of its value, the moment you drive it off the forecourt. When you decide to sell it on – regardless of whether it’s only a week after you bought it, it becomes a second hand vehicle. So if you DO(…)

Dangers of potholes 1

Recently it was announced that councils are to get an extra £100m to sort out the hazardous potholes around Britain. At first this sounded like great news to many road users for obvious reasons. However it was discovered that billions of pounds are actually need to bring the roads up to an acceptable standard. This(…)

New MG6 0

It has certainly been a very long time coming. Since 2005 and the loss of 6,500 jobs MG appears to have revived itself with the takeover from Chinese based company SIAC allowing the release the new MG6. MG’s first car arriving from their Longbridge factory for 15 years was merely a great surprise. Automotive enthusiasts(…)

Tesco attempt to make another mark in the car industry. 0

With car insurance as well as breakdown cover, Tesco have made yet another step to pursue further avenues within the car industry by launching The retailer recently became the first supermarket to launch its own second hand car sales website. Tesco who take one pound of every seven spent by British shoppers aim to(…)

Exhaust System. How important it is? 0

Main parts of an exhaust and how they work… Your exhaust system’s condition is paramount to your car’s overall performance and health. The fuel consumption can be affected as well as your own safety, depending on the state of your exhaust system. Its general purpose is being responsible for acting as a path to transport(…)