Ford announce record profits 0

In times of such deep recession with many watching what they spend their money on, it may have come as a big surprise at first to many that Ford’s announced huge profits of a reported £2.6 billion in the first quarter of 2011, their biggest margin since 1998. However demands for greener cars have been(…)

Do we really need an MOT every year? 0

It has very recently been announced that the government is pondering whether to extend the validity of the compulsory MOT Test. Under the new proposals the MOT Test would be done every two years rather than yearly, making the UK closer to the EU in regards to vehicle testing. This will certainly come as good(…)

The history of British motor industry 0

Back in the 1950’s the UK was the world’s second biggest car manufacturer. Many also remember the 60’s as when the industry had its glory days but the British Motor Industry has been declining slowly since. In fact in 2008 it was reported that Britain was the 12th biggest car manufacturer in the world. So(…)