The Skoda Citigo 0

Skoda is planning to release a rival to the Volkswagen UP! in the form of the Citigo. With the Czech company currently expanding, one of their major targets is to place a successful entrant within the city car market, with the hope of raising the company’s profile. The car will come as either a 5(…)

Brazil’s automotive industry set to boom 0

By mid-decade automotive production is to see a major shakeup, according to reports. Japan is set to be overtaken by Brazil as the world’s third largest car market by 2015. The two biggest car markets in the world at present, China and the USA, are expected to stay where they are. Sales within the Brazilian(…)

A Nissan Juke GTR? 1

Nissan rumoured to be developing a super powerful GTR version of one of their family cars, the Nissan Juke. Dubbed the “Super Juke” the car will be influenced from one of the company’s most powerful and spectacular vehicles, the Nissan GTR. If developed, it will be a pure one off type of project by the(…)

Will there be a new 80mph speed limit introduced? 0

At the start of the year we heard of a new 80mph speed limit being introduced. What were the main reasons? To boost our economy will faster travelling roads along with providing various environmental benefits too. Is it about time the motorways were made faster? Since 1965 the UK has had the same speed limit(…)

Is the Peugeot 208 the new 205 GTI? 0

That’s right; the Peugeot 205 GTI is set to return, in the form of the Peugeot 208. Many will be pleased to hear the news, with the previous generation being something of an icon in its heyday. Slowly, the car was worn away with time and there haven’t been many around on our roads, despite(…)

Car production on the rise 0

SMMT have announced that car production has risen by 11% this August, when comparing production levels from exactly a year ago. The production of engines has also seen a sharp increase too with it increasing by 4.8% over the first eight months of 2011. Compared to last August, engine production increased by 14.4%, making it(…)

SMMT make some alarming predications for the automotive industry 0

According to SMMT, automotive industry growth appears to be bleak for the next five years. SMMT who stand for Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders represent the automotive industry in the UK. The Chief Executive of the company Paul Everitt has said that motorists are not confident enough in purchasing new vehicles that are made(…)

The Eterniti Hemera SUV debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show 0

A newly created British luxury car company, Eterniti, have debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a spectacular looking SUV, named the Hemera. The company who are based in London are a unique type of car manufacturer. Their cars are exclusive and will available only to the rich, at the very highest end of the(…)

Jaguar Land Rover to create 750 automotive jobs with new factory 0

Headlines throughout the country have been made thanks to British automotive company Jaguar. They are for very positive reasons indeed, as they announced that 750 automotive jobs will be created from a new engine plant in Wolverhampton being developed. The plant will be built near the M54. It comes as no surprise that positive news(…)

Kia Fleet Vehicles 0

It goes without saying that a fleet vehicle nowadays must have above all strong environmental credentials, reliability and great fuel efficiency.  The Korean company Kia are slowly establishing a great reputation in the UK. They have some tremendous vehicles available that could prove very attractive for fleet companies. We take a look at some of(…)