Strict dangerous driving laws introduced 0

Convicted dangerous drivers are to receive tougher sentences.Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said a maximum of five years will be handed out in relation to “Causing injury by dangerous driving”. This is an extension of three years, with the current maximum sentence for such an offence being just 2 years. Kenneth Clarke stated that after taking(…)

Kia GT 0

The Kia GT will be produced in 2013 it has been confirmed. Also planned is the Kia c’eed GTI, a sportier version of the Kia c’eed. From the images being released so far, the Kia GT looks simply stunning. Earlier last month the car was shown off as a concept car at the world famous(…)

Petrol Sales take a hit 0

Today we report on an unsurprising piece of news that petrol sales have slumped. With prices reaching a record high in recent years along with insurance premiums, many drivers have simply been priced of the road. Averages prices for petrol have soared this year. Motorists now have to pay an average of 133.1p per litre(…)

Are there really 1 billion cars on our roads? 0

There is said to be 1 billion cars running on our roads around the world for the first time ever. Experts predict that figure to be 2.5 billion by 2050. In the last year alone there were 35 million cars sold around the world. That astronomical figure equates to the total number of cars in(…)

The Peugeot HX1 Concept 0

Are Peugeot thinking of creating a luxury car to rival BMW and Mercedes-Benz? By the looks of the Peugeot HX1 Concept, it would appear so. The concept car looks spectacular with a superb interior and wholly dynamic and futuristic look on the outside. However the car looks so futuristic, don’t be surprised to hear some(…)

The Jaguar XF voted car of the decade 0

Many automotive sources reported earlier in the summer that the Jaguar XF was voted the car of decade. The official award title is the “Auto Express Driver Power Car of the decade”. This award comes after a long line of previous prestigious awards throughout its lifespan. How did the Jaguar XF win this award? For(…)

The new Fiat Panda 0

The new Fiat Panda was been unveiled at last month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The iconic small car has hit many stumbling blocks along the way prior to it’s final stages of development but is on it’s way to the UK. Engine variants There will be three engine choices available with the car. These include just(…)

The Honda Civic Type R is back and it’s faster than ever 0

The legendary car is set for a return, this time with a turbo engine. The Honda Civic Type R is currently being developed by Honda’s racing development company associate, Mugen. It has been claimed by many automotive experts that a turbo engine will be installed into the car, making it the first ever Honda to(…)

Citroen C4 Aircross 0

A few weeks back there was news of the new Citroen Aircoss being releasing soon. It looks like quite a good prospect from first impressions. As everyone knows, there is always more than what meets the eye. We take an in depth look into what’s in store. It looks like quite an attractive crossover type(…)

The SEAT Mii 0

SEAT have confirmed that the new Mii will be released next Spring. Volkswagen will now have another rival to their new city car, the UP! Costing just £8,000 (not officially confirmed as of yet) the SEAT Mii will be aimed at commuters who require small city cars. It will be a bit more expensive than(…)