Toyota Fun-Vii 0

The Toyota Fun-Vii concept car was displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show earlier this year and captured a lot of people’s attention. It’s quite easy to see why. Touch screen panels It is one of the most unique concepts ever created, the Fun-Vii, which stands for vehicle interactive internet can instantly change it’s appearance. The(…)

The Fiat Punto Evo Review 0

The Fiat Punto has been around for years and is one of the most recognisable cars on Britain’s roads.In today’s article we take a look at the Evo version which has transformed the car into a more stylish and attractive vehicle to own. Performance One of the main upgrades with the Fiat Punto Evo is(…)

Nissan Qashquai Review 0

The Nissan Qashquai has helped the Japanese car producers revive their fortunes across the world. It’s known as a practical, stylish and dynamic family car. We take a look at some of our favourite features on the car. Safety We believe that the car’s safety credentials are one of its strongest assets. The Qashaqui comes(…)

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review 1

Today we take a look at the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Hatchback and discuss why we think it’s a great car to own.The Giulietta not only looks good (as you expect from Alpha Romeo) but it offers a beautiful drive too.We’ll discuss our favourite features in our article today. Performance The range of engines is considered(…)

The £170,000 Ferrari…quad bike 2

Today we report on the news that Ferrari and BMW features have combined not to develop a car, but to develop a spectacular quad bike. We would have liked to share that the two companies have built a brand new supercar (Imagine how great that would be) but the quad bike is almost just as(…)

The Toyota Prius pricing plan announced for America 0

We have an interesting report to share with the news of Toyota announcing their prices for the new Prius. Still No.1 but not as powerful as it used to be Many are paying great attention to the news as the Toyota Prius is no longer the dominant force it once was. The car now has(…)

Renault UK kills off four models 1

Renault UK will axe four models from their line-up in what is considered quite a surprising move by the company. Models to be axed The models in the firing line are the Renault Laguna, the Renault Espace, the Renault Kangoo and the Renault Trafic. The Wind roadster and coupe versions of the Laguna are set(…)

The new Lotus City car to be priced at £29,000 1

The new Lotus City car will be on sale for a price of £29,000. The sporty city car is said to go on sale in 2015. The price of the car is said to be £2000 cheaper than the Martin Cygnet. City cars the way forward Futuristic type city cars are being developed by a(…)

The new Honda NSX set to be unveiled 0

The spectacular Honda NSX supercar is set to be showcased at the Detroit Motor Show. It will be concept of the final production meaning it won’t be the finished article. Despite that many fans are thrilled that a new NSX is indeed on its way to us. The car has a strong following and is(…)

Eterniti announces their plans 0

The London based car producer Eterniti have made some announcements regarding their future plans. The newest British entrant into the automotive market has released more details on their plans to develop of a luxurious SUV vehicle. The company believe that there is gap in the market for them to take advantage of. They intend to(…)