Aston Martin to raise their profile in India 0

Aston Martin could take advantage of the growing demand of luxury cars in India. The British luxury sports car producer could be set to make their presence felt in a larger way throughout the country. The luxury car segment grew by an estimated 25 % last year. The market is a highly lucrative and profitable(…)

The new Nissan Micra Nismo concept 0

The upcoming Japanese Tokyo Auto show will be the event where the new Nissan Micra Nismo concept is to be displayed. Nismo The typical Nissan Micra isn’t a car developed to fly off at high speeds. The Nismo version has been modified in a manner whereby it can produce a great performance. Can Nismo really(…)

Driving license holders could face £1,000 fine 0

If you don’t renew your photograph on your driving license, you risk a £1,000 fine. To avoid the ridiculous payment, holders simply need to renew their license every ten years for £20. 13 million people potentially fined The stunning news was revealed through a Freedom of Information request. This affects around 1.6 million drivers who(…)

The Peugeot 308 CC 0

The coupe-cabriolet looks great and offers some great engines. Owners will be sitting within a beautifully designed and well made cabin, feeling like they are surrounded by quality. We believe the car is great and we take a look at what we think are the car’s best points. Equipment The car comes with some quality(…)

The Honda CR-Z Coupe Review 0

Today we review the stunning 3 door hatchback from Honda. The CR-Z is sporty, great to drive and not too expensive to keep on the road.We take a look at the car’s best features in our article today. Looks The car looks stunning and very unique. From almost every angle, the Honda CR-Z looks futuristic(…)

How Toyota plans to turn it around in Canada 0

Toyota Canada has set out a strategy to recover from a recent poor performance in the country. Seiji Ichii, Toyota Canada CEO plans to snatch back customers from the company’s rivals. He has recently been appointed within his role and has a mammoth task on his hands. For the past three years Toyota’s sales in(…)

Fuel prices set to reach record highs in 2012 0

The price of fuel is set to rise this year with many motorists expressing their anger.Last year we covered the rise in fuel prices quite a few times. At the very start of 2012, we once again deliver a similar story. Motorists being priced off the road Between January and September of 2011, sales of(…)

The best of the rest – Electric Vehicles in America 0

We recently published an article on the some of the best electric cars destined for America. In today’s report we’ll take a look at the best of the rest.   The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive The Smart Fortwo Electric has a lot to prove over in America. Whereas the brand may be thriving here in(…)

Electric cars primed for the America in 2012 0

We take a look at some of the most highly anticipated electric cars to be released this year. Tesla Model S The newly introduced car brand will hope to make a huge impact in the electric car market. Known for creating sports cars, many have not been discouraged by what is an apparent exit from(…)

Use your Smartphone through a different platform 0

The Tokyo Motor Show was one of the most anticipated automotive of the year purely based on the technology that it had to offer. It didn’t disappoint, as the Toyota demonstrated with their smartphone reader. Simply place it upon a stand and the car’s display system reads it. The user will be able to interact(…)