Are all of these technology upgrades such a good idea? 0

As car fans we love to hear of technology upgrades. Whether it’s a new entertainment system sitting in the middle of the car or a 3D satellite navigation feature, it is always exciting to hear. It appears that the United States Government is not so keen to hear of this type of technology. They want(…)

Fiat may build a performance enhanced Fiat Panda 0

Fiat are said to be considering a performance enhanced Fiat Panda city car. Would there really be much demand for a sporty city car? It would appear so as a spokesman for the company have begun development of the performance Fiat Panda model. Rumours claim that the car will achieve 105 BHP from its 875cc(…)

Ferrari showroom re-opened in South Kensington 0

A Ferrari showroom located in Old Brompton Road, South Kensington had officially re-opened last week. The showroom has previously been closed for a 24 week period following a revamp of the premises. In total this cost £1.4 million. The revamp was ordered by Ferrari in order to meet their corporate identity standards, where certain areas(…)

Another twist in the Saab saga – Volvo places a bid 0

AB Volvo has submitted a bid for fallen car manufacturer Saab. It what seems to be a never ending story, the Swedish automaker may be bought out by their Swedish counterparts. Automotive sources are rife with speculation that the bid has been officially confirmed. It would make sense as Volvo had previously spoken of their(…)

Nissan adds 1,000 jobs at Tennessee factory 0

Nissan’s Smyrna plant located in Tennessee is set for 1,000 new employees. The factory which is currently booming produces the Infiniti JX crossover, which is Nissan’s luxury brand’s first ever $40,000 + car. A number of employees expected to add to the 3,500 figure With the new employees, the employment at the factory will be(…)

The Toyota Aygo 0

The Toyota Aygo has been completely revamped for a better 2012. It not only looks better, but it is more fuel efficient too. First look at the Brussels Motor Show We got the first peak of the car at the Brussels Motor Show at the start of the year. When unveiled, many experts praised the(…)

The Renault Megane RenaultSport 265 0

The Renault Megane Renaultsport 265 pricing details have been officially unveiled before its release in April. This is a more powerful and improved model from that of last year. It is available to order from February 20th. The Megane Renaultsport 265 Cup will cost £24,825 and the 265 model will cost £26,025. There is a(…)

How to change oil – Part 2 0

Step 4 – Filter assembly The next step is to find the filter assembly. There is no standardised location for this part and it may prove difficult to locate. Check the front, back and side of the engine. Once you found it remove it. This isn’t an easy task however, you have to get a(…)

How to change your oil – Part 1 0

Oil changes are the standard part of our services and are one of the most important procedures for any car. Today we explain how to do this for you. Before we continue we must mention that changing your own oil can be dangerous and that it should be done with lot of care. Why change(…)

Will there be an eyesight test for all drivers? 0

Driving with poor eyesight is as bad as when you drive when intoxicated.  Many experts have called and have been making pleas with the Government to set compulsory eyesight tests. This is due to four million UK motorists not meeting the legal eyesight requirement apparently. Some believe that the number could indeed be a lot(…)