The Nissan Almera to be produced in Russia 1

The Nissan Almera is to be produced in Russia. Nissan are focusing on moving production into Europe. Production in Japan is proving to be difficult after the Tsunami affected the car industry in the country in a devastating manner. The strength of Yen means that profits are much lower than before. Production shifting production Nissan,(…)

The new Subaru BRZ 0

Prices for the new Subaru BRZ were officially been unveiled last week. The car has a great deal of standard equipment and looks very aggressive and powerful. The car will arrive in showrooms in the summer. For us in the UK, there will be three trims available. In the first instance, the highest level BRZ(…)

The new Volvo V40 images released 1

Ahead of its debut launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March, photos of the Volvo V40 have been released. It is expected to a vehicle that helps Volvo raise their profile worldwide and compete with the very best. Rivals will take notice Stefan Jacoby, the Volvo President and CEO has come out and said(…)

The Citroen DS4 released in Australia 1

The Citroen DS4 will be released in Australia and is already very highly anticipated. It is a new entrant in the country and will cost $35,990. In essence it is a more luxurious version of the Citroen C4. Not only that, it is sportier too. Shown off at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2010,(…)

The Chinese export car market 0

The Chinese automaker, Zhejiang Geely, is set to expand their horizons into Egypt. With a slow growth rate in the car markets of China and the Western region at present, Geely believe that the Egyptian car market will compensate for now. An eventual 50,000 per year target The Egyptian car market is one of the(…)

Nissan bringing more jobs to the UK 1

Nissan will build a brand new model in the UK .The news will be officially announced at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. 6,000 total jobs This in effect means 2,000 jobs will be created. 400 of these jobs will be created at the Sunderland plant. The rest will be within the supply chain. According to(…)

Nissan in worldwide recall 0

Nissan have recently recalled 250,000 vehicles including the Nissan Juke’s and Infiniti M across the world. The problems with the cars involve the Japanese company having to repair a glitch where fuel could be leaked due to a mechanical fault within the fuel rail of direct injection engines. At present there are no accidents or(…)

Mazda shares fall as their financial crisis worsens 1

Mazda’s sales and shares have fallen it has been reported. They are currently the worst performing Japanese car maker and are making the least profits. Mazda dropped on the market to 8.2 per cent to 135 Yen. This was the lowest it has been since the 6th of February on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. On(…)

Lamborghini aims to make more of an impression in China 0

Lamborghini, whose parent company is Volkswagen, are moving in a new direction and away from spectacular sports cars for the minute. They are joining the likes of Bentley and Maserati in creating larger supercars to raise the company’s profile in China. The new Lamborghini SUV Supercars are Lamborghini’s speciality. However the luxury SUV market is(…)

The Renault Kangoo ZE Van joins 20% grant scheme 0

The Renault Kangoo ZE van is set to join the UK’s new Plug-in Van grant scheme. This allows motorists 20% off when buying brand new.  The news was confirmed earlier this week by Mark Prisk, the Transport Secretary Justine Greening and Business Minister. Before VAT, the van costs £13,592, which is quite a good deal(…)