A look back at the Geneva Motor Show – The Renault ZOE 0

Renault made an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show with the Zoe model being displayed on their stand. It certainly helped people give a little more respect to the troubled car maker. £13,650 after the £5,000 grant The stunning electric vehicle will have a staggering range of 130 miles. After the Government EV grant of(…)

A more detailed look at the Lamborghini Aventador J 2

The Lamborghini Aventador J has been displayed at the Geneva Motor Show with it being one the fastest cars on show. The car has been praised by automotive fans and expert journalists. It created a wild buzz at the annual motor show leaving many excited. What does the J mean in title? It stands for(…)

Volvo V50 Estate Review 0

The Volvo V50 is one of the most stylish estates in its particular class. Today we take a look at exactly why the V50 has proven to be one of the best estate vehicles on the UK market. The drive The drive of the Volvo V50 is one of its best assets in our opinion.(…)

Toyota in major recall in North America 0

Toyota is set to recall 681,500 in North America. These recalled cars include the Toyota Camry, the Toyota Venza and the Toyota Tacoma. There have been two defects reported. The Toyota Camry and the Toyota Venza There will be 70,500 Toyota Camry’s recalled, which were the 2009 models. The 2009 – 2011 Toyota Venza will(…)

What is next for Fiat? 0

Fiat is currently experiencing troubles in Italy following a strike by lorry drivers. Although the strike is directed towards the Government, it appears that Fiat is the ones who are suffering from their action. Car production in trouble The strike involves the rising cost of fuel which many are finding hard to keep up with.(…)

Toyota Avensis Review 0

The Toyota Avensis is a very reliable and practical family vehicle. The running costs are very cheap too. If you want a car that does the job and simply doesn’t let you down, the Avensis is for you. Safety The Safety provided within the Toyota Avensis is something to be greatly admired from any perspective.(…)

The Kia Cee’d at Geneva Motors Show 0

The brand new Kia Cee’d have made its worldwide debut at the 82nd annual Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. Both variants of the 5 doors and Wagon body styles were displayed at the event. Designed for Europe The new Cee’d is purely manufactured for the European market being built and designed in the region. The(…)

The Nissan Invitation at Geneva Motor show 0

Nissan showcased their Invitation model at the 82nd annual Geneva Motor Show. The news is sure to be closely followed by Nissan staff at the Sunderland plant as they will be producing this car in the near future. Sitting between the Juke and the Micra As with every car that was on display at the(…)

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta at Geneva Motorshow 0

Exhibited this year at the 82nd annual Geneva Motor Show was the most powerful Ferrari road car ever, the F12 Berlinetta. Superfast road car The V12 6.3 litre engine is able to achieve an amazing 730 BHP. That is even faster than rival the Lamborghini Aventador which was also on display at the Geneva Motor(…)

A recap of the Geneva Motor Show – The Bentley EXP 9 F concept 1

Shown off at the Geneva Motor Show was the Bentley EXP 9 F which is a preview on a future SUV made by the company. 2015 is the expected date for the brand new Bentley SUV to be released into showrooms for the cost of £140,000. The EXP 9 F concept The EXP 9 F(…)