Fiat and Mazda to combine MX-5 and Spider features 0

Mazda and Fiat are joining forces in order to develop a two seater sports car which combines features from the MX-5 and the Alpha Romeo Spider. Some experts do believe that this will not be a one off deal. Many see openings for future developments between the two companies. Other car alliances This deal represents(…)

Jaguar Land Rover report increased profits and record sales 0

Jaguar Land Rover reported record sales figures and at the same time reported a growth on profit. The British based company were taken over by Indian car manufacturers Tata in 2008 after Ford sold the brand for £1.15 billion. The figures In total the company’s profit increased by 34 per cent. The company made pre-tax(…)

The Nissan electric e-NV200 van due out next year 1

Nissan’s new 100 per cent electric e-NV200 is set to go into production in 2013 in the European region. A masterpiece representing a long term commitment This e-NV200 will be an electric conversion of the NV200, one of the most successful light commercial vehicles in the world. An official statement from Nissan regarding their new(…)

Will the Vauxhall Ampera help improve electric car sales? 1

Electric car sales have been very poor since they we were promised they would take the world by storm. Vauxhall have promised to change all of that with their new Ampera. Range anxiety problem One major problem with electric cars is that of owners having range anxiety. Some are scared that their battery will not(…)

How the petrol crisis got even worse? 0

Fill up your petrol tank when it is half full, official Government advice read. A strike from fuel tanker drivers is still likely to go ahead at that stage. The Energy Minister Ed Davey then offered new advice to motorists after a previous statement was withdrawn. That helped to calm down the situation at the(…)

Nissan Infiniti expands to Hong Kong 0

Nissan have expanded their luxury Infiniti brand to Hong Kong as sales are beginning to pickup once again. They have now setup headquarters in the country and are using it to spread their wings in China, the world’s largest car market. 10 per cent gain eventually Infiniti are aiming to gain a 10 per cent(…)

Toyota not backing down without a fight 0

Last year General Motors beat Toyota to the number one spot to become the world’s largest car producer. Toyota finished in a miserable third place following hindrance from the Japanese Earthquake in 2011 and the Thailand floods. Toyota won the first quarter However it appears that Toyota could be on their way back up, leaving(…)

What’s wrong with being a car salesman? 0

There are many stigmas involved being a car salesman. However we recognise it as a skilled job that requires good people skills and requires the art of persuasion. Ignoring the jokes, the job is indeed a potentially well paid job. Being a good car salesman can be difficult and will have plenty of pressure placed(…)

Higher education courses in the automotive industry 0

Have you ever thought that university could be the way forward? Are you aware of the opportunities open to you by continuing your studies? The automotive job you’ve always wanted could be gained through a higher education course. Servicing Stop Jobs takes a look into a few courses that may interest you. Motorsport Engineering and(…)

Thinking about becoming a driving instructor? 0

Do you want great pay, job security and a self-rewarding job? A job where you can potentially select your own hours? A job helping others? Why not become a driving instructor. You can have all of that in even these economic downtimes. It’s not handed to you on a plate Many believe it’s as simple(…)