A Jaguar is the most satisfying car to own… 0

Jaguar has won an award which carries a great amount of prestige and repute. Owners of Jaguar cars have came out on top in a study which asked which is the most satisfying vehicle to own. Lexus were surprisingly beaten this time round after winning the same award for 11 years in a row. Lexus(…)

The Vauxhall Corsa beats the Ford Fiesta 2

The Vauxhall Corsa has managed to beat the Ford Fiesta to the top of the sales charts after the Fiesta’s long term dominance at the top. In May Vauxhall managed to sell a staggering 8,413 Corsa’s whereas Ford sold 8,337 Fiesta’s. Is there really any need for Vauxhall to panic? There has been a great(…)

The Toyota GT 86 0

Toyota and Subaru are collaborating  to develop the GT 86, a project which shows the great benefits of combining with other car manufacturers according to Tetsuya Tada, Toyota’s development Chief. The only notable joint venture that Toyota has participated in is with PSA Peugeot-Citroen. These two companies collaborated  in order to develop the Toyota Aygo, 107(…)

Audi associates with Sierra Wireless to build Infotainment system 1

Audi and   Sierra Wireless is working together to build an In-Vehicle LTE Infotainment System. Currently the project is still at its earliest stages, with the status being in development and testing mode. Already the system was shown off at numerous events this year and in 2011, the biggest being the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) back(…)

A sneak peak at the American bound 2013 Honda Accord 0

The next generation 2013 Honda Accord has been previewed, causing a major stir in the American automotive industry. Sedan and Coupe offered The new Accord, when released will be in its ninth generation. This time round there will be a sedan and a coupe model offered within the range. The Accord’s reputation dipping slightly The(…)

Are the corrupt insurance companies forcing us to pay higher premiums? 0

Car insurance companies are bracing themselves for a Competition Commission study from Government authorities. The Association of British Insurers has welcomed the news. It has been claimed by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) that motorists have to pay higher premiums due to a poorly run insurance system. Changes clearly need to be made if(…)