The importance of car servicing 1

Car servicing is more than just carrying out a few repairs and elements of maintenance. Its importance is paramount to your safety and not to mention your cash flow. Carrying out a car service ensures that your engine, the heartbeat of the vehicle, is in good condition and running as it should be. Your brakes(…)

Toyota hope to double business in Brazil 0

Toyota has revealed that they hope to increase their business in Brazil by more than double. They now have three plants open in Brazil and are hoping to open a fourth in the near future. That plant is expected to be purely dedicated to engine manufacturing. Toyota is currently the world’s third largest car maker.(…)

Toyota aiming for a push in India 0

Toyota has a strong presence in establish car markets such as the UK and the North America but are not quite up to scratch with emerging car markets such as India. Toyota has bounced back from losing out on the number one car producer spot last year with strong sales in 2012. They understand that(…)

Honda’s traffic jam breaking technology 0

Honda is developing a very unique piece of technology which is able to minimise traffic jams. The Japanese car giants have not experienced high sales like some rivals recently but that has not stopped them from commencing this groundbreaking project. Detecting driving patterns Typically motorists are now able to anticipate high level of traffic through(…)

Why electric cars haven’t taken off in China 0

Electric cars were seen as they way forward, especially in a country like China. Pollution and car emissions are currently a priority issue in the country with the roads being overcrowded with vehicles. A method of tackling that issue was as mentioned that of electric cars. However there have been a number of issues which(…)

Will China be a victim of their own success? 0

What goes up must come down? There is plenty of hype surrounding the Chinese car market, even more so as the Beijing Motor Show was on earlier in the year. China is the largest auto market in the world, just one third (approximately) of vehicles were indeed built in the country last year. One quarter(…)

Car Insurance myths 2

Plenty of people attempt to get their car insurance quotes cheaper, in some way or another. However these so called tricks are being clamped down on, with many scams now becoming obsolete. Despite the industry increasing their intelligence upon such scams, many customers attempt to a few underhand tactics anyway. For those are unaware, today(…)

Peugeot may close European plant 0

Peugeot may be forced to close down a major car factory in Paris, France. Major losses from the mass car producer this year have brought around calls for the plant to be permanently shut down. The Chief Executive, Philippe Varin will have tough questions to answer following campaigns from the workers union who are understandably(…)

The new SEAT Toledo revealed 1

SEAT has unveiled more images and details on their upcoming Toledo model. The news has taken the motor industry by storm with everyone wanting to get a glimpse of the new car. The new generation has gone back to basics by boasting a saloon look rather the typical SUV type of appearance that we saw(…)

The all American 2013 Toyota Avalon 0

North America will receive the brand new Toyota Avalon, a Japanese originated car that is designed and engineered by Americans. The car will be on sale towards the end of the year with many highly anticipating it’s arrival. The car will come with a Hybrid power train or a V6 petrol power train. The Hybrid(…)