Toyota hope to double business in Brazil 0

Toyota has revealed that they hope to increase their business in Brazil by more than double. They now have three plants open in Brazil and are hoping to open a fourth in the near future. That plant is expected to be purely dedicated to engine manufacturing. Toyota is currently the world’s third largest car maker.(…)

Will Jaguar Land Rover produce cars in the Middle East? 1

Jaguar Land Rover has been pondering on the idea of whether to begin car production in the Middle East. Autocar India has reported that the Indian owned British brand could switch their production location. That could mean your next Jaguar will come from India. Ratan Tata, the Chairman of Tata Motors has said that the(…)

The history of the Toyota Celica – part 2 0

Third Generation 1982 saw the start of the third generation. The difference style was evident, with a more modern look. Power was also increased with a 2.4 litre engine being installed under the bonnet. The Toyota Celica Turbo – GT-T was launched in Japan. The car had the 1.8 litre 3T-GTE engine. You may only(…)

The history of the Toyota Celica 0

The Toyota Celica is one of the most iconic roadsters in history. Lasting 7 generations, production lasted from December 1970 until April 2006. The name Celica derives from the Latin language, with the word célico meaning “heavenly”. That’s certainly one way of putting it. The First Generation The Celica had it all. Great looks a(…)