Audi A3 Vs BMW 1 Series 1

The Audi A3 is without a doubt Audi’s most successful car. The Audi A3 has generated a fifth of Audi’s total revenue over the past 16 years. This amount of profit resulted in financial security, thus allowing for more extravagant and adventurous designs such as the Audi R8. The first Audi A3 was manufactured in(…)

Formula 1 2013: Jerez Testing Results Day 3 0

Day 3 Day 3 saw the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen taking over from their team mates. The 3 time world champion hit the track and set 102 laps in his new RB9. Kimi only set 40 laps on day 3, he spent most of the morning with his mechanics adjusting his seat(…)

Formula 1 – Lotus 2013 Cars and drivers 0

You know the F1 break is almost over when the top teams in the sport unveil their cars.  With very few and minor regulation changes all us fans didn’t expect drastic cosmetic changes to the cars but still all of us have been highly anticipating seeing 2013’s challengers. New Car Lotus were the first to(…)

Formula 1 2013: Jerez Testing Results , Day 1 and 2 0

The Jerez test is known for cars coming to the track and using it as a de-bugging process for all their cars. With reliability being as key as ever in Formula 1 due to the high consistency of points scoring from the top drivers it is important for all the teams to use this test(…)