The New York Motor Show 0

The 2013 New York Motor Show is just around the corner, officially starting on the 30th. In our article today we’re going to preview some American branded vehicles that are set to be showcased. Chrysler 200 Carhartt, an American fashion label combined with Chrysler to develop the new 200 model. The saloon type vehicle is(…)

Car history survey 0

Servicing Stop is carrying out a survey to understand how car owners feel about service history. The survey is easy to follow and contains only three questions. Are you likely to buy a car with no service history? Motorists looking to purchase a second hand car sometimes consider the service history as a major factor(…)

New MOT checks 0

As of today 20 new checks will be required for all MOT tests. The EU has devised the new tests to bring about the same technical standards in the UK as that throughout Europe. Warning lights can now not be ignored, they have now become part of the MOT. Vehicle’s have become more sophisticated with(…)

The Fiat 500 superb performance in Canada 0

The Fiat 500 is making a huge name for itself and is even challenging MINI in Canada. It has hit many as a pleasant surprise. The Italian brand is growing and getting strong on the other side of the Atlantic. Fiat hopes to make the 500 like what Mini is to BMW. Mini is an(…)

The Top 5 F1 drivers of all time, do you agree? 0

The new F1 season is fast approaching. In preparation we have put together a list of the top 5 F1 drivers of all time. Will the current crop match up to any listed below? 5. Jim Clark Jim Clark was the most dominate driver throughout the sixties. He won 2 WDC’s and became the first(…)

Can you afford the latest Lamborghini? 2

Lamborghini has unveiled a new concept named the Veneno, worth £2.6 million. The Geneva Motor Show was home to the showcase of what has been labelled the world’s most expensive car. As the car made it’s way on stage, the driver made sure the crowd could hear the magnificent engine revs. Something big had to(…)

The merge of Microtech Inc and Standard Microsystems Corporation 0

SMSC were known to have made great strides in developing advanced technology within the automotive industry. Microchip Technology Inc purchased rival Standard Microsystems Corporation last year. The move is expected to benefit the automotive industry long term. MCHP, who are the larger company, will now gain access to such innovations, helping to boost the automotive(…)

Mercedes’ battle in the American luxury car market 1

Last year the battle between Mercedes and BMW was once again a hotly contested. There is no doubt that this year will again be another interesting race to the top in the luxury car market. Not only do Mercedes have to worry about BMW, they also have the likes of Lexus and Audi showing excellent(…)