Volkswagen Golf Series 7 Review 1

The classic body shape, embellished by a parentage logo on the boot and bonnet has become a signature for good design and reliability. This is a car that is admired throughout the world and is often seen as the benchmark for the competition to emulate. The Volkswagen Golf mark 7 is lighter, quieter and more(…)

Top 5 Road Trips in The World 2

Going on a road trip can enable you to see parts of a country that you never planned to visit, while also providing you with the chance to see some of the world’s most beautiful destinations; you may have always wanted to go on a coast to coast trip across the USA, or a tour(…)

No car safety tech can help distracted drivers 0

Safety is an important aspect of any car manufacturer, which is why all major automotive companies look for different ways to improve the overall quality and safety of a vehicle, ranging from the installation of airbags to better impact protection on the interior of the car and improved vehicle handling. However, car manufacturers are only(…)

Top 10 Great British Drives 0

Whether you are planning a staycation or a UK holiday to get over the one you just come from there are many fabulous destinations in the UK to drive to. But what are the greatest British drives that you can try out? Although the UK is relatively small, and less capable of providing the same(…)

Famous Classic Car Collectors 0

The world of the rich and famous is all about glamour and glitz, expensive restaurants, exotic vacations, red carpet events and fine automobiles. For some famous people, the car is more than the latest technology and high speed performance. To these people, the car they drive is about image and heritage. This is why some(…)

BMW 5 Series Review 1

The 5 Series is the most successful 5 Series ever according to BMW and now the company has brought it in for a revamp, half way through its six year stint. There’s supposedly been a number of changes to the auto and key revisions to styling, tech and of course engines to ensure the car(…)