Driverless cars on our roads in January 2

Autonomous cars look set to arrive here in January. The Government announced the news today that they will be allowed to be tested on public roads as soon as next year. Vince Cable, the Business Secretary has said that the announcement puts the UK on the ‘forefront’ in the automotive industry regarding this type of(…)

The Ford Fiesta is the bestselling UK Car ever! 3

The Ford Fiesta is now the best-selling vehicle of all time here in the UK. The Ford Escort has finally been knocked off the  top spot. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have stated that 4,132,294 Fiesta’s have been sold since it’s first appearance in 1976. For 27 of the Fiesta’s 37 year(…)

The BMW i8 is finally here! 2

It’s finally here. After years and years of remaining a concept car, speculation was rife that the i8 would remain that way. However it has followed suit from the BMW i3 and has made it into production and our UK showrooms. As you can imagine the electric sports car will not come cheap. It will(…)

Maria Sharapova’s Porsche, twice the speed of her serve! 1

Sharapova made a lot of headlines in the automotive industry recently with her stunning plug-in hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder, chauffeured by former F1 driver Mark Webber at a pre-Wimbledon party. The tournament has now finished. Sharapova crashed out in the second round, ending her hopes of winning a second consecutive title in a row. The(…)

World Cup stars in their cars 0

The 2014 World Cup has been one of the best ever according to many fans. Sadly it draws to a close on Sunday, having had plenty of surprise results and exciting matches along the way. The World Cup Final will be contested between Germany and Argentina. We’ll take a look the stunning cars players from(…)

Could we see Formula E in London next year? 0

Formula 1 is certainly one of the most electrifying and competitive sporting competitions in the world. For all of the speed, power and sound comes a great deal of pollution. The sport is certainty not good for the environment. Although steps have been taken to make the sport more environmentally friendly, the sport is nowhere(…)