Hollywood Halloween cars 0

There have been some pretty scary cars in Hollywood films over the years. We take a look at some our favorite Halloween themed cars in TV and movies. The Mystery Machine – Scooby Doo The Mystery Machine was actually a van. It helped Scooby and the gang solve cases for decades. Gator’s Car – Death(…)

New Jaguar Land Rover engine plant unveiled by Queen 3

Today the Queen opened the new Jaguar Land Rover plant in Wolverhampton. It will adjacent to the M54. The new facility cost £500 million to build and will be used for engine manufacturing. With an official unveiling like this, it is clear that the new facility will be important for the British automotive industry. Ingenium(…)

A new Land Rover Defender due in 2016 0

The new Land Rover will come with a four cylinder engine as well as a V6 option. It will contain the largest ‘breadth of capability’ of any vehicle that the company has produced, according to Phil Popham, the company’s marketing director. This statement represents the importance of the Defender’s replacement, with the model being engraved(…)

Why haven’t electric cars taken off yet? 0

Electric cars come across as a wonderful futuristic type of car. They have next generation technology; they are clean for the environment, are very smooth and save you money on running costs. But after so long, why are they so expensive to buy in the first place? A new electric car can cost up to(…)

The £150,000 Land Rover spied upon 0

The ‘flagship’ Land Rover has been spied upon which many images spreading around the internet. The car is expected to combine with superb refinement and luxury. The potential top end Land Rover model has four tailpipes. This represents a significant modification, especially when considering other models that the brand produces. Four tailpipes mean that the(…)

Audi achieve speed record for self-driving cars 2

Audi have claimed to have achieved a new speed record for self-driving cars. Tests in Germany by the luxury German automaker showed that the Audi RS7 managed to reach a top speed of 149 MPH (240km/h). The car was not driven by anyone, being completely autonomous. The car was driven at the Hockenheim racing circuit(…)

The Rolls-Royce Ghost II Review 1

Any Rolls-Royce model is magnificent, standing at the pinnacle of car industry standards in all aspects. The Ghost model is just below the Phantom, but nevertheless makes for a highly desirable car. The vehicle has been improved a great deal. A brand new eight speed automatic gearbox works in sync with the satellite navigation system(…)

Where are the worst roadworks in the UK? 1

The top 10 worst roadworks in the UK have been revealed. Is your route on the list? Motorists in the UK experience disruptive roadworks, making life difficult when going and coming from work. 2014 has seen the most amounts of roadworks when compared to the rest of the decade. Inrix, a company who provide real-time(…)

Prepare for the hurricane hitting the UK and your MoT test by checking your tyres! 2

With bad winter weather due in the UK very soon, tyre safety campaigns have urged motorists to look at their tyres. It has been revealed that over 2.2 million cars (according to TyreSafe) failed their MoT last year with unsafe or illegal tyres. Surely it makes more sense to check the tyres yourself rather than(…)

Ever wanted to drive a classic Jaguar? 0

Well here’s your chance. Jaguar has launched a classic car driving experience day. You’ll get to drive some of the rarest cars from the British brand has to offer. It will be the first time in the company’s history that the public will be allowed to drive their most prestigious cars. How has all of(…)