September score for car sales 2

Despite the Volkswagen emissions scandal hitting the world last month, new car sales for September have broken records. Last month was the largest selling September on record for car sales. It’s likely the scandal didn’t affect sales much because the news broke late in the month and diesel cars often require deposits put down months in(…)

Fisker is reborn as Karma 0

For those who remember Fisker Automotive, you’ll be familiar with its first and only product, the Fisker Karma sedan. The company first made waves in California in 2007, when company founder Henrik Fisker had the idea to create the world’s first luxury plug-in hybrid vehicle. The Fisker Karma debuted in 2008 at the North American(…)

Electric cars: the solution to the diesel damage? 0

Electric cars are becoming rapidly more popular in the UK, with an increase from 3,500 on the road in 2013, to around 40,000 in 2015. That figure is set to keep rising, especially in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal that is casting a dark cloud over the diesel industry. Electric cars have seen(…)

Car smoking ban in action 0

Campaigners are celebrating the start of a new month and a new law, as England and Wales make smoking in cars illegal when driving with anyone under 18. It may seem a long time coming, as we’ve already banned smoking on trains and in public places but the 1st of October 2015 marks another dent(…)