The electric car company building a $1bn factory… Who is Faraday Future? 1

There’s a new kid on the electric block and they’re already sparking interest. Faraday Future (FF), the mysterious California-based new car company, is filling media headlines this week. The fairly unknown electric car start-up announced that they are looking for a location in the US to build a $1 billion factory to begin production on their(…)

Could we have the first commercial 3D-printed car by 2017? 0

The printer’s jammed again. Piece of paper? No, just a car tyre. That’s right; the world’s first (future) commercial 3D-printed car has just been unveiled. Arizona-based Local Motors revealed their latest product at the SEMA show in Los Angeles this week. The LM3D Swim is going to be the first 3D-printed car available to the(…)

UK car sales take a hit in VW emissions aftermath 0

Last month we covered the sales success of September but sadly, October isn’t looking as bright. For the first time in three and a half years, the UK monthly car sales have declined. After a solid 43 month increasing streak, new car registrations were no longer accelerating and it’s safe to say that part of the blame(…)

Autonomous driving – the ethical debate 0

Are you ready to put your life in the hands of your car? Autonomous technologies are coming along pretty quickly, with Google’s fleet of 73 already spanning over two million miles between them. But here’s where the ethical bit comes in. We all know that self-driving cars will be seriously impressive, but drivers and passengers(…)

EU backs down to new emissions testing limits 0

“What do you call a diesel car that produces less than 80mg/km of NOx?” … We don’t know either, but when you find one let us know. After German carmaker Volkswagen admitted to cheating emissions testing in September, it seemed tougher pollution tests were just round the corner. Sadly, it looks like we’ll still be breathing in(…)

Uber is driving America kitten crazy 0

In the spirit of Halloween passing, we want to treat you to a spell of cuteness to cure your Monday blues.   Last Thursday, Taxi-app service Uber launched UberKITTENS to celebrate National Cat Day. Residents of the U.S. and Canada (sorry UK readers) were able to book 15 minutes of “cuddle time” with an adorable kitten.(…)

Is hands-free technology too distracting for drivers? 0

“Cortana, find me the nearest restaur… repair garage.” Did you know that some infotainment car systems can leave you distracted for as long as 27 seconds after using voice command? No, neither did that guy and now his car has a parking bollard for a hood ornament. A recent study by the AAA Foundation of(…)