Germany planning annual tests following emission scandal 0

A yearly treat in the form of a surprise test is to be sprung on vehicles; sort of like the opposite of Christmas for car makers. Following the Volkswagen emissions scandal that sent sales of Volkswagen vehicles down worldwide, caused a ripple effect on diesel cars made by all different companies and destroyed trust in(…)

Finally, a Tesla everyone can afford 0

… you just have to be between the ages of three to eight to drive it. Toy manufacturing company Radio Flyer – known for building the likes of tricycles, wagons, scooters – has developed the toy model of the car in collaboration with Tesla. Designed to transport three to eight-year olds, the miniature S can(…)

Mock up designs for next generation of city car revealed 0

When you were younger, you probably imagined yourself living it up in the big city; fancy job, fancy apartment and fancy car. Then reality hits. Downsize dreams start with a downsized car for urbanites. The Mirrow Provocator is the brainchild of designer Alexander Malyshev who wants to revolutionise the hassles of owning and driving a(…)

Tesla to debut Model 3 range on March 31st 0

For fans of tech and automobiles alike, the elusive new Tesla model has been hotly anticipated for a while, with no one knowing when it might appear; it’s basically the car equivalent of a Beyonce album. An all-electric vehicle poised to rival BMW’s 3 Series, the Model 3’s upcoming unveiling has been confirmed by Tesla(…)

New Top Gear line-up announced 0

Long gone are the three stooges, BBC’s juggernaut unveils newest line-up of presenters including one Hollywood star, one racing legend and… well, Chris Evans. After months of dicey press, fan complaints and rumours aplenty Top Gear’s renaissance can finally begin a countdown as the BBC show reveals the batch of new personalities set to grace(…)

Pressure to lower UK drink driving limit mounts 0

No, you probably shouldn’t have that cheeky pint after work now. A recent Parliamentary publication reveals that UK ministers are planning to discuss amending the current legal limit for England and Wales, following proven success in lowering the limit already in Scotland. Scotland cut the drink driving limit for their drivers back in 2014. The(…)

Google looking at wireless charging for autonomous cars 0

Not content with just making their cars driverless, Google are looking at making their cars plugless. With autonomous driving the phrase on every industry insider’s lips at the moment, Google are leading the charge in developing a sustainable, practical and very viable plan to ensure driverless technology does not remain a hypothetical. Alphabet, Google’s parent(…)

Google’s autonomous tech considered an acceptable ‘driver’ in America 0

A major roadblock in the way of driverless technology becoming a reality has been taken down, giving the autonomous cars the green light to speed up its production. The ruling by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) means that the autonomous software would, by federal law, be considered an acceptable enough ‘driver’ to safely(…)

Honda comes out on top in reliability survey 0

When it comes to European drivers, there ain’t no car fonder than a Honda. Honda have emerged as the most reliable car brand in results from a survey conducted by The Organisation of Consumers and Users which included more than 30,000 European drivers and more than 178 models. The survey focuses on what technical failures(…)

Car companies pull out all the stops for the Super Bowl 0

Every year in America, giant men chase an egg and run into each other a lot. They believe this to be football. Lots of people watch this, unfathomably. Car companies decided to get in on the action, smartly. A football match in the UK/most of Europe generally includes two halves, some retired athletes talking in(…)