1957 Ferrari could become world’s most expensive car 0

What do Madonna, wine and Ferrari have in common? They all get better with age. The 1957 Ferrari 335 is up for sale at the Artcurial Motorcars auction in Paris, taking place on February 5th, with estimations about the final selling price exceeding thirty four million dollars. While for some of us the idea of(…)

Autonomous driving gets a £20million boost in UK 0

If it means having one less job to do it should come as no surprise that the Brits are speeding to the front of the pack in making driverless technology a reality. The UK are leading the charge in driverless cars, investing over £20million in projects aimed at investigating and advancing the nuances of driverless(…)

Bond car up for auction, spy gadgets not included 0

We know you’ve pretended to be James Bond before, don’t lie to us, but now you can actually have a bit of Bond in your life… if you happen to have Aston Martin money lying about. The Aston Martin DB10, aka Bond’s car from Spectre, will be put up for auction with all proceeds going(…)

Calls for tougher punishments on phone users answered 0

If you are one of the guilty few who just can’t stop tweeting even when you’re behind the wheel, you might find yourself a caged bird soon. Plans to toughen up the punishments for phone users behind the wheel are looking likely to become a reality, with the government looking to raise the minimum fine(…)

Top Gear’s made a new Friend 0

In news that is equal parts exciting and baffling, friend to anyone who was born, or simply alive, in the 90s Joey Tribbiani will be a regular on our screens again – only this time driving cars and going by the name of Matt. Actor Matt LeBlanc, famous for that little-known cult show Friends, has(…)

Volvo plans to cheat death by 2020 0

Volvo have announced their ambitious plan to make their cars ‘death proof’ in the next four years… anyone else having flashbacks to that scene in Titanic when they kept calling the ship ‘unsinkable’? Since their 2007 announcement of advancing their technological innovation to improve the safety of their vehicles, Volvo are just one of the(…)

Porsche refuse to give up the wheel to autonomous cars 0

Porsche bosses have revealed what we have always kind of assumed; they’re too cool to follow trends. Speaking to German newspaper Westfalen-Blatt, Porsche’s chief executive revealed that the high-end automobile company have no imminent plans to develop driverless cars, unlike most of their industry peers. Chief Executive Oliver Blume reportedly told the newspaper that when(…)

Insurance companies join forces amidst the rise of driverless cars 0

Though usually seen as corporate, money-hungry baddies, insurance companies find themselves having to join forces to insure their own future in an ever-changing industry. Insurance giants find themselves in a bit of a role reversal with the likes of AXA, Direct Line and Aviva responsible for the formation of a new group, the Automated Driving(…)

New car registrations keep on accelerating in 2016 0

No signs of stalling here – car registrations in January 2016 keep on speeding up following a solid 2015. Not only was January 2016 capable of maintaining 2015’s high volume of new car registrations, it was the best January for new car sales in eleven years, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders(…)

SUVs come out on top for the first time in Europe 0

4×4 adds up to 100 for Europeans as car sales reveal that SUVs are now Europe’s best selling type of car. SUVs have been getting more and more popular for some time, but official numbers have shown that SUV registrations totalled 3.2 million in 2015, a rise of 24% from the year before, according to(…)