Car sales rev up in February 0

Maybe with it being a leap year that one extra day of sales really helped. New car registrations in the UK hit a 12 year peak this February, with the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealing overall sales were the highest number for any February since 2004. The figures(…)

Driverless Lorries to be tested on UK roads 0

“Red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry… Who’s driving that lorry?!” Autonomous lorries will hit UK roads later this year, it has been announced. Up to 10 lorries – driving just metres apart from each other – are to be tested on British motorways, signalling the start of driverless testing in the UK. The test is(…)

Google’s autonomous crash caused by attempts to humanize technology 0

Google tried to make their robotic driverless cars seem more ‘human’… and they immediately caused an accident. The crash, which took place in California in February, is the first in which the company’s autonomous technology is at least partially responsible for an accident. Engineers at Google have announced that software changes made that gave autonomous(…)

On-going issues in Europe pose threat to automobile industry, warns Daimler chief 0

With the potential ‘Brexit’ and the migrant crisis, Europe has got carmakers in a spin. The potential dismantling of Europe’s Schengen free-travel agreement to help deal with the flow of refugees and migrants poses a threat to the auto industry and leaves their manufacturing system extremely vulnerable, according to chief executives of both Opel and(…)

Vodafone and AT&T join with Vauxhall to support OnStar service 0

Though it might seem like a mixed message, just because a mobile phone company and a car company are in cahoots does not mean you can now text whilst driving. Mobile data providers AT&T and Vodafone announced they will be the network that will support the OnStar 4G LTE service available in Vauxhall vehicles in(…)

Taxpayers facing £600 billion bill for eco friendlier roads 0

No one ever said saving the world wouldn’t come at a price. In a leaked report, according to sources at website Auto Express, it is claimed that the European car industry expects taxpayers to foot a £600 billion road improvement bill in an effort to lower CO2 emissions. The proposal comes as part of a(…)

New electric vehicle charging network completed in the UK 0

Electric vehicle owners in the UK are feeling the positive flow after the country widens the range of electric vehicle charging points. A new 683 mile electric vehicle charging network has been completed in the UK, bringing rapid charging stations within an easier reach for many drivers. Installed by Rapid Charge Network, the new network(…)

Faulty airbag recall becoming one of largest in automotive history 0

Proving to be more than just hot air, the defective airbag crisis is blowing up. After starting small, the Takata airbag recalls have spread like a disease amongst the industry, infecting as many as 25 million vehicles in the United States alone. The issue revolves around the Japanese company Takata who manufactured between 260 million(…)

Electric vehicles predicted to cost the same as fuel-powered cars by 2025 0

The electric car revolution might come with a bigger shock than industry insiders expected. A newly announced report in Bloomberg New Energy Finance claims that the price of electric vehicles will continue to drop as the batteries that power them become cheaper to produce. Even with lower fuel prices, electric vehicles will be able to(…)

Cars are getting less reliable, finds JD Power survey 0

‘Trust no one’ – not even your car, apparently. Consulting company J.D. Power released their annual auto dependability study earlier this week. The study measures problems per 100 vehicles based on responses from around 33,560 original owners of 2013 model year vehicles. The average problems per vehicle this year were up from last years, causing(…)