Rust and the Modern Vehicle 0

Rust is what everyone associates with bikes, locks and cars from the 60s, so why now are we facing multiple modern cars that seem to have a problem with rust? Rust, must seem to me to be a thing of the past. Manufacturers have moved away from the old materials which rust used to hold(…)

Is it Actually Worth it? 0

A new study has found that women are ‘better’ than men when buying a new car. The study, undertaken by Auto Express, sent one man and one woman to ten different show rooms to buy the exact same first hand car. The results were quite surprising in what you would have expected stereotypically did actually(…)

Project Nightonomy – The Next Step in the Autonomous Car 0

Ford have for a very long time been at the cutting edge of the automotive industry and research. As a progressive company, they have just taken a huge step forward in the world of the autonomous car. This step forward has been released by video and through technological news sources. Project Nightonomy, the nickname for(…)

Forget Everything You Know about Fuel Efficient Cars, There is a New Winner 0

Servicing Stop has previously released statistics alerting you to the fact that the Peugeot 208 is the most fuel efficient car but, we may be mistaken… well slightly anyway, maybe. Just recently a new record was broken as one man managed to drive from Switzerland to the North Sea in Northern Germany and back again(…)