What are Boris Johnson and TFL going to do with their Road Budget for 2016/2017? 0

‘Tis the season for budgets after budgets after budgets… And TFL and the London mayor have decided how to spend their money on making London’s roads better for everyone. With a £4billion invested in furthering the safety of London’s roads, how much can be done? From the £4billion, there will be £20million worth of investment(…)

Aston Martin and Red Bull Team up to Develop World’s Fastest Car 0

This news may come to a shock for some but Aston Martin are teaming up with Red Bull Racing in order to create a production car… which will be faster than an F1 car, on track. So at this moment in time, there is a lot of confusion and plenty of debates surrounding what car(…)

Are We One Step Closer to Knowing if Apple Is Manufacturing a Car? 0

Until Apple officially confirms their role in autonomous development, we won’t know for sure. Cook is no newbie to reporters and the media, so when we find out it’ll be because Apple wants us to know. These are the last few words of a previous Servicing Stop article, so since October, are we closer to(…)

Autonomous Emergency Braking to Become Mandatory in U.S. by 2022 0

The Autonomous Emergency Breaking System (AEB) is an automatic breaking system. By using cameras, sensors and lasers, the AEB is able to detect and the automatically applies the breaks when there might be a danger. As far as recent automotive technology goes, this has been a beneficial break through. The AEB alerts the driver before(…)

Are the Newer Cars Easier to Steal? 0

The 80s and early 90s were an era where cars were extremely easy to steal. A coat hanger down the window is a staple that we have all seen in movies throughout the years. But, towards the end of the 90’s and the 2000s, this quickly changed as locks became harder to bypass. Car theft(…)

Pollution Causes Mexico City to Ban One Million Cars 0

The capital of Mexico, Mexico City, has just banned more than a million cars from driving in the city as a means to stomp down on extremely high pollution levels causing thick brown smog across the capital. More than one million cars were banned in the greater area of Mexico City and 450,000 within the(…)

Aston Martin Finally Back in Formula One 0

If you are an avid Formula One, Aston Martin or general car fan, then this news is most interesting. Aston Martin is back as a team in F1 for the first time since the two year period being 1959 and 1960 respectably. During both of these periods of time, Aston Martin did not perform at(…)

GoodYear Looks Down the Years at a Concept Tyre of the Future 0

This seems to be the year of concepts for autonomous cars doesn’t it? And Goodyear the tyre company is no exception to the rule. So what is there concept? And is it actually groundbreaking? Well, I happen to think so. So what do we actually know about Goodyear? Well they’re an American tyre company who(…)

TVR Also Chooses Wales for Site of New Factory 0

The sounds of the valley will now include the revving of another luxury engine… and presumably still Tom Jones. The new TVR will be built in its new factory in the Ebbw Vale Enterprise Zone in South Wales, as part of a five-year, £30 million investment plan. The southern Welsh location managed to beat three(…)

Government, Shops and Police, Plan to Crack Down on Forecourt Fuel Thieves 0

The government, the police, the retailers and suppliers are on a forecourt… I think many people have had quite enough of thieves stealing.  And now the government, retailers and suppliers of fuel, and the police are now teaming up in order to curb forecourt fuel thefts. In September 2015, according to National Statistics, there were(…)