Where are the cars going? 0

Going, going, gone… the future of the cars globally, could be in doubt… Possibly The future of cars could be in trouble despite the car manufacturing industry growing rapidly in the last six years. Since 2009, the car manufacturing industry has grown by around 50% but despite this huge increase, many believe that we are(…)

Big Things Come In Small Packages 0

It is true that big things do come to those who wait and, this was certainly the case in a recent auction involving a Peel P50. The Peel P50 is an iconic British car of the 1960s. Being officially recognised as the world’s smallest car, the P50, with its one door, one windscreen wiper, one(…)

Motorists Fed Up With Lack of Enforcement Officers on Roads 0

The amount of traffic police has fallen rapidly in the last few years but, fatalities have remained the same. So do we actually need more traffic police back on British roads or not? The government has reported that traffic offences have fallen by half over the last decade, but it has been argued that this(…)

Subaru With Huge Recall Numbers 0

Subaru are to recall 17,000 vehicles over breaks and engine failures with a whole lot more in Japan. Recalls seem to be getting more and more popular as this year goes on. You would however expect there to be less and less trouble with vehicles as technology improves but sadly, this does not seem to(…)

MP’s Call for More Speed Cameras across U.K. 0

It’s what most drivers fear and what local councils love. Speed cameras in fairness save lives but they can also be a pain for those who follow the speed limit and find themselves sharply braking behind Speedy Gonzalez down the road. We all also have a tendency to always be on the lookout and worrying(…)

What Will Happen to the Diesel Driver in the World of the Electric Car? 0

The debate over which is more economical and what is better for the environment between petrol or diesel seems to be over as hybrids and electric cars have now taken the lead between the two. But, what is going to happen to those who are still and will, for the foreseeable future, drive diesel vehicles?(…)

World Car of the Year Finalists Announced 0

It is getting closer and closer to that time again. April may mean many things for some people but over here at Servicing Stop, it only means one thing, the World Car of the Year award. The World Car of the Year competition has been a persistently present competition since 2005. Taking two years to(…)

Car Cloning, the Criminal Underworld and the Used Car Market 0

Car cloning has been a huge problem in the U.K. for many years and now, it is on the rise again! But, what is car cloning and how is it affecting you the driver looking to buy? What is Car Cloning? Car cloning is the act of stealing the identity of a car. This may(…)

Seatbelt Malfunctions with Ford and Toyota 0

“Please make sure your seat belts are on”, these words we always hear, or should do before we drive… But what happens when this is not actually possible, or, there is literally no point? Seat belts save lives. The U.K. government have produced facts to agree with this statement. In a crash you’re twice as(…)

The new Mazda CX-4 Crossover is crossing over to China and staying there… 0

  Well that title is not totally correct at all but the new Mazda CX-4 Crossover is going to be a solely Chinese vehicle as Mazda’s new plans to unveil the car has reported. The Beijing Motor Show 2016 is soon to begin. This show starts on the 25th April and respectably ends on the(…)