What cities are the most congested in the UK? 0

Sitting in traffic for hours is a nightmare without a doubt. As half the population now drives and this number expecting to rise, expect your driving commute to last longer and longer. London, the capital is of course the most congested city in the UK but, what cities are trying to rival it?  London –(…)

Second Hand Cars and the U.K. Economy 0

So no one trusts the economy right? Always up, down, left and right. We are always told about inflation and GDP and the deficit. These terms are always chucked at us via the news but, what does it actually mean in the world of cars? Well there are multiple effects that the economy has. From(…)

Come Over Here Tesla… Tesla Summon and Autopilot Features are Now Available in the U.K. 0

Tesla’s summon feature is now available to some models in the U.K. and is set to find its way through the globe eventually. The U.K. has just recently passed legislation allowing for the updates to the Tesla Models X and S but, only if used on private land. If you have not heard about the(…)

Classic Cars, Road Tax and the 2016 Budget 0

So with the recent 2016 budget, how did classic cars fair with the red box? The Chancellor of the Exchequer and his budget is a time of year that many dread across the country. With drivers this year questioning what would happen in the U.K.’s motoring world, relief was widespread when the plans were read(…)

Bentley Wants to Bend the Traffic and the Future to Suit Their Luxury Ambitions… 0

Bentley, the luxury British car manufacturer already have their sights set on how they plan to deal with the autonomous car industry when the time comes. With chief of design, Stefan Sielaff, Bentley is preparing to take on the future of luxury automobiles as their concept car, demonstrated at a small event in London suggests.(…)