Germany Is Subsidising Electric Cars… 0

The electronic car industry is now booming. With the very little environmental impacts that the electric cars have, governments all over the world are subsidising the vehicles to increase their popularity and thus, help the environment too. The British government have been helping to subsidies the costs of electronic vehicles for some time now. There(…)

An Electric James Bond? 0

James Bond has it all doesn’t he? A cool job, an unimaginable amount of gadgets, gorgeous women and some of the finest Aston Martins ever produced. But, what is the future of James Bonds cars going to be like? Well, according to Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, James Bond will soon be driving all electric(…)

The Rise of the ‘Black Box’ in the world of Britain’s Car Insurance 0

The ‘black box’ is always watching you and recording you when you are driving. Does not sound too pleasant right? So why are they getting more popular amongst Britons? A telematics device, commonly known as the ‘Black Box’, is a device which is attached to the dashboard of a car in order to monitor where(…)

A Flashback to the Past as the Ford Cortina is Now a Prime Target for Thieves 0

The Ford Cortina is back, but for all the wrong reasons. The Ford Cortina was a statement of British automotive manufacturing for 20 years. From its first conception in 1962, the Ford Cortina became Britain’s most popular selling car. With 4.3 million units sold, five generations produced as well as proudly boasting the title of(…)

Smoking In Your Car with a Child 0

So it has been around half a year since the legislation making it illegal for someone to smoke in a car whilst someone under the age of 18 is present. It is also illegal for a driver to not stop someone in these circumstances too. As a result of this law, you could be issued(…)

‘The Pathway to Driverless Cars’ in the U.K. 0

With the recent news of the Google car crashing in Mountain View, California and the successive reaction to this, is Britain’s movement towards the driverless car necessary?  As we have previously said,  3 out of 4 drivers fear the driverless car.Is it therefore fair to argue if driverless cars really are the way forward for(…)

Ford Develops New Interceptor for U.S. Police Department’s 0

Two new specially developed police cars to be rolled out to the U.S. police departments but, do they actually want or need them? Ford, for 2016, have developed a new interceptor for the U.S. police department and it looks as if it is going to make a massive difference in law enforcement. With plenty of(…)

The Doughnuts at Top Gear Spin into More trouble with More People 0

The Top Gear team and Matt Le Blanc sped around, performed ‘doughnuts’ and hence, span his way into trouble in Whitehall. The stunt performed by Le Blanc in Whitehall has caused outrage and has, as a result, prompted criticism from two Conservative MP’s, a retired army commander as well as the general public. Where amongst(…)

Rural Roads Are the Most Dangerous in the Britain 0

Are rural roads the most dangerous in Britain and if so, why is this? Just to clarify what a rural road actually is, the department for transport has defined a rural road as a major or minor road outside of an urban area. It may therefore be an ‘A’ or ‘B’ road amongst others. Britain’s(…)

Tesla Model X Faces Glitches 0

Tesla has been consistently wowing motorists and the motoring world for many years but, they still haven’t gotten over one tiny hurdle, and this hurdle has knocked them down again. This hurdle, involves either physical malfunctions or software glitches in new models. This time round, there has been a major software glitch involving the new(…)