Cars Will Keep On and Keep On Selling Because of Generation Z 0

According to a new report undertaken in the U.S., Generation Z is more interested in cars than ever. This is therefore excellent news for the automotive industry as the market may look to take advantage of this new data. Undertaken by AutoTrader USA and Kelley Blue Book (an American automotive research company) the study was(…)

Petrol Prices Pushed Over £1 per litre by Tesco 0

Do you remember driving home for Christmas with petrol prices under £1? In a previous Servicing Stop blog, we mentioned how petrol prices had fallen under £1 per litre for the first time in six years. Well, four months later we are almost back to square one again, as Tesco’s have raised their petrol prices(…)

The Lamborghini Centenario the Star of Geneva 0

The 2016 Geneva International Show is all but over now. However, with all the beauty of the show, there is one moment that motor enthusiasts cannot stop thinking about. That moment, if you are unfamiliar with the show is the moment Stephan Winkelmann (president and CEO of Lamborghini) unveiled the new Centenario. The Centenario, has(…)

London’s Calling… For You To Sit In Traffic 0

Everyone knows how bad it can be commuting around central London, especially during rush hour. The tube lines are full to capacity, the streets are full of people and buses are packed whilst also being joined in grid lock with millions of other motorists. We all know how busy London can be especially during peak(…)

Prince Andrew Rams Gate Open With £80,000 Range Rover 0

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, has again been criticised because of his actions behind the wheel. On Sunday 13th March, Prince Andrew rammed his £80,000 Range Rover into the gates of Windsor Great Park. According to representatives who work in the grounds of Windsor Great Park, there was a failure with the sensors on the(…)