Land Rover Jaguar’s Autonomous Vehicles 0

With the recent news concerning the British government’s direction on autonomous vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover have just stated their intentions for their future in the driverless vehicle world. With the autonomous industry now including multiple start ups and huge technological and motoring companies, it is worth £900 billion and looks set to increase. Because of(…)

The Jeep Wrangler 0

The company Jeep have been at the forefront of the American jeep for nearly 75 years now. They have been pioneers in this field and their loyal customers expect the company to stick to a particular format. This format is its originality, for example customers want their Wranglers to look like Wranglers, and their Cherokee’s(…)

Auto Sales In China 0

The release of financial information when each quarter of the year ends, provides valuable insights into specific markets and reliable information those who analyse them to gauge what will happen next. Although we aren’t experts in economics, we are extremely interested to see what has happened to the world’s leading automotive market in the first(…)

Tractors Up To No Good 0

Every driver can understand just how annoying it can be when a tractor takes up a whole lane on a single carriage, and just won’t budge. Although some overtake, it can be extremely dangerous, illegal and it is not advisable at all. Tractors in this circumstance are supposed to pull over to let a build(…)

Chinese Technology… 0

The race to be the first and outright leader in the autonomous market is really starting to heat up. We have seen the likes of Tesla, BMW and Volvo all making either headway or promises for autonomous vehicles. That is however the actual motoring companies, but this race certainly goes deeper than that. Apple, Intel(…)

Google Autonomous Car Has Learned More 0

We mentioned some time back that Google’s autonomous car has the ability to learn what different manoeuvres, signals and behaviours mean out on the roads, and then act accordingly to each specific one. The giant tech company have now managed to make the vehicle do the same trick, but within another important aspect of the(…)

Hyundai To Unleash Prius Rival 0

The Toyota Prius has been the standalone vehicle in the hybrid world for some time now. They have been seen as affordable, reliable and effective hybrid vehicles. Now however, Hyundai look set to undercut the massive Japanese automotive company after releasing specs and pricing on a new range of Ioniq models. The new Hyundai Ioniq(…)

Kia’s Mid-Life Facelift 0

There comes a time in many cars’ life when a change is needed to keep it fresh from any sort of competition from any other main competitor. Kia has therefore updated two of its most popular cars because of this. The two cars in question are the Rio and the Picanto, and the reason for(…)

Subaru Sales 0

We thought that we would dedicate an article to Subaru for once. We hardly ever mention the Japanese company, who actually are the 22nd largest automotive company in the world. So what have Subaru been up to? Well the answer is very little to be honest. Well they have been doing something, and by the(…)

The First Autonomous Fatality 0

This is of course sad news for anyone to read, but the first autonomous driving death has been confirmed. Our condolences go out to the driver’s friends and family during this horrible time for them. But, as a motoring blog, the story must be reported. The man in question, whose Tesla Model S failed to(…)