The Uninsured East End 0

The east end of London is home to many things including the 2012 London Olympics and West Ham United. But now, the east end of the capital is also home to the UK’s largest amount of uninsured drivers. According to the insurance group Churchill, ohhh yes the one with the bopping head dog, one in(…)

London Set for Pollution Fix 0

Almost as soon as Sadiq Khan was elected as London’s Mayor, he set out strict and clear policies which will affect the pollution levels that Londoners are subject to. At this moment in time, Londoners are poorly affected by the awful pollution levels even though there are already clear zones in place. Right now, there(…)

Hyundai Are Only Going Backwards in Singapore 0

There are a select few Hyundai vehicles that are suffering from sudden unintended acceleration (SUA) in Singapore. This has led to an investigation by both the government and the car company itself. The strangest thing is that the SUA occurs when the vehicles are put in reverse. The sudden and rapid reversing that keeps occurring(…)

GPS Bullets Are Now Being Used in the US 0

The role of new technology and cars are reaching new-fangled levels and nothing seems to be slowing them down. US cop cars, if you haven’t seen them in action on any late night TV, are extremely vital in stopping most criminal activity. Cars are constantly used in high speed chases, as cameras and surveillance units(…)

Google’s Sticky Car 0

Google may have just come up with a crazy idea that may protect pedestrians from a crash with its autonomous car. Although there have been many patents submitted by the company, this specific one does seem like the funniest, yet also the most effective one too. It is claimed that Google will be utilising a(…)

Dung Beetles May Be the Key for Autonomous Vehicles 0

The automotive world is becoming more and more futuristic as time goes on, and now we are closer than ever to the autonomous car. Google recently undertook their autonomous experiment which, although crashed into a bus, must have given the company excellent data and pointers on how to improve. BMW, Volvo and multiple other automotive(…)

Volvo Are Setting Their Sights High, Very Very High 0

Volvo will be setting their sights high in regards to the amount of electric cars they plan to sell by 2025. They have recently outlined a difficult but not unachievable target of selling one million completely electric or plug-in hybrids by the set date. The Swedish car company have already started on their road to(…)

PSA Group Raided In France 0

The PSA Group who own car makers Peugeot and Citroën have had their headquarters raided by anti-fraud officials in France this week. The raid comes as a result of anomalies in emissions fuel tests on multiple Citroën and Peugeot vehicles. This raid has therefore dragged more companies into the scandal which has shocked both the(…)

Mitsubishi Have Just Got Caught in their Own Emissions Scandal 0

Mitsubishi have just recently been rocked by an emissions scandal. Although it’s not on the same level as last year’s Volkswagen scandal, it is sure to rock the car industry even more. Mitsubishi’s emission scandal has affected around 625,000 cars split between their own models and 468,000 Nissan models too. The cars affected are ‘mini-cars’(…)

Maserati Recalls 21,000 Vehicles In China 0

Maserati, the luxury sports car brand are one of the hottest and fastest growing car companies in the world right now. Their cars are finely tuned sports machines which can easily hit speeds over 150mph and accomplish the 0-60mph hour test in well under 5 seconds. So, what would happen if the accelerator pedals of(…)