5 Iconic cars from scary movies! 0

Halloween…yes it’s that time of year again, when every company going is trying to crowbar slightly tenuous, spooky ghost, witch and goblin type links into their advertising. Naturally we would never attempt anything that obvious, so Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you… Top 5 cars from scary movies! The Mystery Machine – Scooby Doo If(…)

Halloween Driving Safety Tips 0

It’s that time of year when little clusters of witches, ghosts, and goblins will start to appear on pavements after dark carrying bags of goodies and hopefully not too many eggs…seriously not eggs, please kids? Anyway, love it or loath it, Halloween is just round the corner and as any visit to the shops will(…)

Young drivers forced off road by cost of motoring 0

New research has revealed that many young drivers are being forced off the road by the spiralling cost of driving in the UK.  An estimated 4.5 million motorists haven’t been behind the wheel of a car for over a year, with a third of these blaming the cost. One million say they have not driven(…)

Common Autumn breakdown reasons 0

Alas, we’re now well into the year’s second highest breakdown season. Not quite as brutal on our cars as winter obviously, but this is the season when our motors really start to feel the pinch as the temperatures plummet and the roads become more unforgiving. Here are the most common reasons why cars break down(…)

Don’t get left in the dark this autumn! 0

The inescapable truth is that most of us are going to be doing a lot of driving in the dark over the next few months. Grim and gloomy commutes become part and parcel of life till we emerge into spring next April. That feels a long time off… So, when you’re motoring in the dark,(…)

Five essential autumn driving tips 0

Autumn…sigh, it has to happen each year sadly. Summer now seems a long distant memory, and in the not too distant future, clocks will be going back; evenings will be darker a lot earlier. It’ll be getting a lot colder too, especially overnight and first thing in the mornings as millions of us get in(…)

What are the Liverpool players driving? 0

To demonstrate Servicing Stop’s complete and total impartiality with regards to tonight’s game; we’re now going to focus on the Liverpool players and the cars that they drive. Like most leading Premiership clubs, Liverpool has seen its fair share of swanky motors pass through the gates of Liverpool’s training complex at Melwood. Here’s a few(…)

What are the Man United players driving? 0

It’s well documented how much money footballers make, and if you’ve got to the stage of your career where you’re playing for Manchester United – long established as one of the world’s top three richest football clubs – you’ve probably got more than most of your contemporaries. So, when you can afford to buy any(…)

London: Old cars to face additional £10 ‘pollution charge’ 0

Under new legislation proposed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, owners of older, more polluting cars could face an additional £10 fee – on top of the existing charge – for entering the congestion zone. City Hall hopes to have the new surcharge up and running by October 2017. The plans were formally released for consultation(…)

London Parking Tips 0

One of the worst aspects of being a motorist in London is the horrors involved with parking. If you’re in any way unfamiliar with the city, the entire experience can be an overwhelming nightmare. It’s not impossible to find a space, but they will always be a highly prized commodity. Here are some tips to(…)