Toyota UK sales hit record high as buyers opt for HYBRID over diesel 0

Toyota UK have posted record sales for the first three months of the year, with demand for Toyota and Lexus hybrid up by 50% as buyers seek out alternatives to diesel. The British wing of Toyota has gone on record as saying the first quarter of 2017 has been the best month in their history,(…)

Customer gets banned from own garage after leaving bad mobile app review 0

Not everyone responds well to criticism, it’s a very personal thing after all. Nowadays in the online world we live in, criticism plays a key role. It’s how we decide which product to buy based on the reviews of other customers.  Companies will bend over backwards to ensure their online presence shows a willingness to(…)

Almost one in every two new cars in the UK is diesel 0

Almost one in every two new cars in the UK is diesel, so why is the government trying to get rid of them? Opinion piece by CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond. The UK’s automotive industry has spoken and it’s in favour of diesel. The SMMT has warned against moves to limit the(…)

Husband fills wife’s car with cement after she changes her surname 0

In one of the more bizarre clips circulating on social media at present is one showing a Russian man filling his wife’s car with cement after she changed her surname without his permission. What’s a rather odd tale all round goes something like this: So, in what was described as a ‘rough patch’ in their(…)

The UK’s most hated cars – #10 The Austin Allegro 0

The title of the ‘UK’s most hated car’ is a contentious one. Everyone has their own opinions on what really constitutes the ultimate stinker and there have been many contenders to choose from over the years. The next few weeks will see us revisit some of the real hummers, that have stank up the roads(…)

Flat tyres revealed as main car breakdown call-out reason 0

Not carrying a spare tyre and a lack of driver knowledge was the major reason for car breakdown callouts in 2016. Since it stopped being standard for new vehicles to have a spare wheel included, plus the increasing number of reported potholes on UK roads, the number of breakdowns for replacement tyres has soared; rising(…)

At look back at the tragedy of the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix 0

The 1st of May, 1994 is a date that will always live long in Formula One infamy. A weekend that saw the lives of two of the sports drivers snuffed out; one of which was arguably the greatest and most talented ever to take to the track. Over the course of the three days at(…)

A third of motorists lie to get cheaper car insurance 0

The study, commissioned by Servicing Stop, found that 33% of motorists will lie to get cheaper car insurance and a further 11% will drive without a valid MOT to save money. Another 7% would happily go without insurance altogether if it meant saving a few pennies. The survey asked motorists how they plan to save(…)

Toyota release real life Tonka Truck 0

If any extra proof was needed that Aussie blokes can’t spend enough on their pick-ups: Toyota has transformed its HiLux into a genuine, real life Tonka Truck. In Australia last year, the Toyota HiLux was the best selling vehicle – of any type – marking the first time in history a pick-up had topped the(…)

Renault introducing ‘exciting’ upgrades to F1 operations 0

Renault are so confident with the upgrades they’re planning to roll out on their Formula One cars, team boss Cyril Abiteboul says if they were fitted to the vehicles at the moment, the team would be “easily in the points.” At the season curtain raiser in Australia, Renault missed out on a top-ten showing after(…)