Late Easter blamed for fall in UK car production 0

April saw the amount of cars made in the UK fall by about a fifth, with the late Easter blamed for the drop. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said 122,116 cars were produced in April, a fall of 18% compared with the same time last year. Easter falling in April, instead of(…)

Are we becoming nostalgic about the impending end of the car age? 0

As more cities are taking steps to outlaw cars from their streets, Instagrammers appear to be fetishise them in growing numbers. A cluster of parked, classic cars are appearing on a growing number of sites, most parked next to attractive, retro architecture that matches the car’s original era. Amongst the hashtags being used to display(…)

Rolls Royce Sweptail – Luxury motoring like you’ve never seen before 0

You have to hand it to Rolls-Royce, their status as the world’s leading purveyor of luxury cars was never really at risk. No sooner had the young pretenders: Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz started rolling out their own hopeful attempts of cars that would monopolise the uber-luxury limo segment, that the iconic brand decided to reassert(…)

Car insurance shocker – ticking a box could save you 50% 0

UK motorists could save hundreds of pounds each year by opting for fully comprehensive car insurance instead of third party. It is a widely held belief that fully comprehensive insurance is more costly than a third party, fire and theft policy. New research by and The Sun has revealed that average premiums could potentially(…)

Thousands of drivers caught despite crackdown on mobile use 0

Figures have revealed that despite the tougher penalties coming into force for mobile phone use behind the wheel, thousands of motorists were still apprehended by police in the days and weeks following the rule change. Numbers obtained by the Press Association show that the UK police force caught almost 6,000 motorists using some form of(…)

TIME FOR SOME SUN: Summer getaway? What Brits fear the most when on the move abroad 0

This summer, millions of Brits will flock abroad for their holidays and some well deserved rest and relaxation. Once on foreign soil, you’d expect recharging batteries would be the order of the day, but it seems most of us are becoming increasingly worried about the travelling around – and the dangers potentially involved – once(…)

SHOCKING: Survey reveals over half of Brits have no faith in police’s ability to deal with car theft 0

A new study has revealed that one in six British motorists have had their car stolen – The shocking survey also found more than half of all drivers have no faith in the police to resolve the issue. The survey by Servicing Stop, showed public faith in the police’s ability to deal with car theft(…)

UK roads not suitable for autonomous cars say experts 0

Experts from the fleet and technology industries have labelled the roads of the UK ‘unfit’ for autonomous cars in their current state. Poor road surfaces, highway furniture and the regularity of roadworks have been cited as the main current antagonists to wide-scale adoption. The CEO of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, Gerry Kearney,(…)

New rules needed for dash cams says AA 0

The AA has stated that new legislation needs to be introduced regarding the use of vehicle dashcams. Drivers who regularly share their dashcam footage could be accused of voyeurism, the motoring organisation believes. The AA feels that the posting of dashcam footage on social media can be insensitive and many doing so do not fully(…)

Are Brits in favour of new motoring legislation? 0

In just three months, a string of new motoring regulations have been introduced landing drivers with tougher penalties and heftier fines; but despite the changes, motorists appear to be backing the government’s decision. In March, a Fixed Penalty Unit was introduced for mobile phone users which means guilty socialites must pay a hefty £200 fine(…)