Top holiday travel tips for holiday drivers 0

It’s this time of year that many of us will be taking to the roads for our summer holidays. Whether just on these shores, or further afield, we’ve compiled a few holiday driving tips to bear in mind for those taking to the tarmac. Travel correctly equipped. Make sure you’re carrying all the necessary equipment(…)

Peugeot boss: No new performance cars ‘until we’re truly global’ 0

The head of Peugeot, Jean-Philippe Imparato, has prioritised global success in the short term over the development and release of any high-performance vehicles. The company’s CEO did go on to say that such expensive projects may be considered later however. In a recent interview, Imparato said that the 308 Hybrid R project would be put(…)

The Nissan Qashqai gets an upgrade 0

When it first graced our streets a decade ago, the Nissan Qashqai completely reinvigorated the family sports utility market. Within the industry the Qashqai has been nicknamed the ‘cash cow’ due to the incredible revenues it has brought in for the Japanese company. Saying that, it’s been a good vehicle for Britain too, since its(…)

The ten most eccentric Ferraris: No.05 – The 330 GT Shooting Brake 0

Our look back at the Ferrari stable’s more eccentric and bizarre offerings continues today as we take time to re-examine the genuine oddity that was the… Ferrari 330 GT Shooting Brake First things first, it’s not the most attractive edition to emerge from the Ferrari workshop – and yes, we are including the Ferrari 400.(…)

UK cars are becoming more British – but still lag behind Euro rivals 0

Vehicles manufactured in the UK are steadily becoming more British, justifying the push to increase the amount of domestically produced components. In a new study by the Automotive Council, it was revealed that 44% of the parts and components used to manufacture the 1.7 million cars rolling of UK production lines were also made domestically.(…)

A look back at the Toyota MR2 (1989 – 1999) 0

Time for another hearty dose of Japanese nostalgia… Our retrospective look back at the various Toyota heavyweights of the past thirty years takes time today to cast a fond glimpse over the… Toyota MR2 The 1990s saw The Toyota MR2 mature with its first major model change. The popular ‘Midship Runabout’ gained a new form(…)

Garage network gear up to service electric vehicles 0

As electric vehicle development gathers momentum in the field with almost all of the major manufacturers, more motorists than ever before are considering waving goodbye to the more conventional petrol and diesels offerings and welcoming an electric vehicle. To keep up with this rapid new trend sweeping the globe, garages are taking steps to keep(…)

‘Sexist’ advert see Renault under fire 0

Whoopsie! What have Renault’s marketing team gone and done? In an attempt to promote the Renault Twingo – a small urban car aimed at women – the French company have launched their own brand of nail polish that can also be used to fix small scratches and paint flaws on cars. Perhaps somewhat predictably, this(…)

Apple reveals details of self driving project 0

Apple has revealed details about its autonomous car intentions, with chief executive Tim Cook describing the initiative as “the mother of all” AI projects. Cook went on to say that Apple was investing a huge amount of resources into technology that would be able to control driverless cars; he also pointed towards the possibility his(…)

The ten most eccentric Ferraris: No.06 The 365P Berlinetta Speciale 0

Today we continue our nostalgic look at the ‘other’ Ferraris, the ones perhaps not so legendary as the Testarossa or the F40, but worth a look none the less. Counting down from ten – but in no particular order – the time has come to look back at the… Ferrari 365P Berlinetta Speciale When the(…)