Richard Hammond involved in major crash 0

The Grand Tour presenter, Richard Hammond, has been involved in a major crash in Switzerland. Fortunately, the former Top Gear host was able to walk away from the shunt without any major injuries. Hammond was participating in a car race, being filmed for the Amazon TV show, when the £2 million Rimac he was driving(…)

Online car aftermarket sector booming in the UK 0

A new survey commissioned by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has shown that UK motorists are more content to shop for car parts online than they are for makeup and cosmetics. In fact, the proportion of purchase of automotive accessories tops even that of online ordering from supermarkets. The research showed that(…)

UK’s most comfortable cars revealed 0

Skoda has claimed the title of Britain’s most comfortable car. A survey of 50,000 motorists voted the Skoda Superb top of the tree, beating off competition in a category valued as highly by customers as economy, style and speed. For a car to be considered ‘comfortable’ in terms of the survey, it had to be(…)

Toyota’s flying car gets off the ground 0

Toyota’s flying car – which we first reported on a few months ago – has taken its first tentative flight. The car, which the Japanese company hopes will be capable of delivering the Olympic flame at the games in 2020, is very much in the prototype stage, as the video below shows. The idea is(…)

Nissan reveals unique-looking X-Trail 0

Japanese car giant Nissan has created a one-off special adaptation of the best-selling X-Trail SUV equipped with tracks for the ultimate off-roading experience. The rubber kit has been specially designed for both snow and sand, with wide tracks that measure 122cm by 38cm, for extra floatation and grip. This means there are specially designed wheel(…)

Renault to repurpose electric vehicle batteries into home energy storage systems 0

Renault has announced plans to repurpose their electric vehicle batteries into a home storage system. The concept is similar to Powerwall used by Tesla. The French carmaker has teamed up with energy company Powervault and claims that using electric car’s discarded batteries could ultimately result in a drop in price of a Powervault ‘smart battery’(…)

The simple mistake that can land you a hefty parking fine 0

Councils and parking firms are using a new stealth tactic that could see thousands of motorists being hit with a completely unexpected parking fine. Money guru, Martin Lewis has warned drivers that throwing away pay and display parking tickets can lead to a sizable bill up to two months later. Speaking on ITV breakfast show(…)

Supercar owners seek out value servicing 0

Owners of the UK’s most luxurious vehicles valued at more than ten times the national average salary are spending as little as a couple of a hundred pounds on annual servicing, according to data released by Servicing Stop. The online car service provider has revealed a list of supercars which have been booked in for their low-cost services.(…)

Babies born this year may never have to drive 0

It may be that babies born this year will never need to take a driving test, Amanda Blanc, boss of UK insurance company, AXA, believes. The increasingly developments being made with regards to self-driving cars mean that it is highly likely that autonomous vehicles will render the human driver redundant. Ms Blanc did warn however(…)

A look back at the Peugeot 305 (1977 – 1988) 0

Today’s healthy dose of nostalgia comes in the form of one of the real workhorses of the late seventies and majority of the eighties. Despite being a regular sight, not just on the continent, but in the UK too, it’s easy to forget the… Peugeot 305 (1977 – 1988) The first thing you have to(…)