Palmer aiming to leave Renault on a high 0

Jolyon Palmer is aiming to end his season with Renault with “six of the best races” as he looks to secure a seat in Formula 1 for next season. Renault have announced Palmer is to be replaced by Carlos Sainz for the 2018 season and the Britain produced his best-ever finish, coming in 6th at(…)

Will autonomous cars pave the way for younger drivers and newer tests? 0

This is a guest blog by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon Autonomous cars – the latest stage in the evolution of the automobile. Able to drive themselves, take control, reduce road-traffic accidents and ensure we stick within the speed limit. The self-driving, four-wheeled runarounds will have minds of their own and could potentially save(…)

Koala takes 10 mile trip hidden behind front wheel 0

A koala survived a ten mile road trip clinging to the axle of a 4×4 after climbing in for a doze. The startled driver stopped after hearing the cries of the traumatized animal and called the emergency services, who removed the wheel to free the terrified marsupial. “I could smell her burnt fur,” Jane Brister,(…)

Hamilton unsure if Mercedes can fix weaknesses before 2018 0

Lewis Hamilton has expressed doubts as to whether his Mercedes team can address its current weaknesses ahead of the 2018 season. The British driver won the recent Singapore GP but ultimately, the car has struggled with high-downforce, slower F1 circuits such as Marina Bay (Singapore). Mercedes main competitor, Ferrari, scored one-two finishes in the previous(…)

The Servicing Stop five essential Autumn driving tips 0

There’s no getting round it, Autumn is in the pipeline. As the evenings inevitably grow darker, the mornings get frostier and our collective spirits become gloomier. It’s important to take steps to ensure our vehicles are prepared for the deluge of nasty seasonal weather that’s about to get thrown at them. Obviously, driving at this(…)

A look back at the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo and Turbo R (1982 – 1995) 0

The 1982 Mulsanne can legitimately be called the car that marked Bentley’s reemergence from under the shadow of Rolls-Royce. When launched, the first Mulsanne Turbo looked similar in many ways to the standard version, but an Garrett AiResearch turbocharger attached to the 6750cc V8 engine boosted power by a whopping 50%. 300bhp was enough to(…)

Servicing Stop launches pioneering new video ‘trust’ verification service for customers 0

Ask the majority of car owners their opinion of the car servicing industry and it’s quite likely the response will be (a) unfavourable and (b) potentially contain a fair amount of swearing. But why is this the case? What is it about car servicing that irks customers so much? In numerous surveys, car dealerships and(…)

85 year old MG Roadster found buried on Salisbury Plain 0

Archaeologists have unearthed a vintage MG Roadster on Salisbury Plain that has lain buried since the 1960s. The car, a 1932 MG J2, is thought to have been a pool car for soldiers in the 60s and was found during excavations at a former military site at Larkhill, in Wiltshire. The team of archaeologists, responsible(…)

Toyota come up with ingenious solution to stop teenagers speeding 0

Toyota has come up with an ingenious idea to stop younger drivers speeding in its cars – embarrass them. The Japanese car maker has hired Saatchi & Saatchi London to create the Safe and Sound App, that not only blocks the young driver’s social media posts and incoming calls when they’re travelling over 9 mph,(…)

Peugeot concept reveals brand’s vision for the future 0

Peugeot has revealed its vision of the car of the future and it more closely resembles a smartphone rather than a car. Even the name ‘car’ has been ditched for ‘device’, as the new Instinct concept is far more than just a method of transportation. The snazzy new concept revealed at the recent Frankfurt Motor(…)