Ten top tips on fuel efficiency 0

Running a car is expensive; few things take a more significant bite out of your monthly budget than filling up your tank. Other than by converting to an electric vehicle or just deciding to walk everywhere, there’s not too much we can do to avoid forking out for fuel. We might not be able to(…)

A look back at the Aston Martin DB7 (1994 – 2003) 0

To all intents and purposes the DB7 was the car that saved the Aston Martin bacon. Without it, it’s unlikely the iconic British car manufacturer would still be with us today. Ford had owned the brand since 1988, and had started pumping serious money into it following the launch of the Virage. The DB7 was(…)

Dartmoor parking ‘honesty boxes’ abandoned after raising just 15p per car 0

After ten years, the parking ‘Honesty’ boxes situated at Dartmoor’s many car parks are set to be abandoned. It’s easy (and a touch cynical) to say that this idea was doomed from the start, after all why would motorists fork out for something they don’t have to? Sometimes however, it’s nice to imagine there’s still(…)

Jealous woman drunkenly trashes neighbour’s car by mistake 0

Christine Ann Potten was understandably upset when she found her boyfriend was cheating on her, so after drowning her sorrows with a considerable amount of booze, she decided to exact a bit of revenge on his beloved car. It was only after she had finished wrecking his pride and joy that she realised it was(…)

A look back at the Reliant Kitten (1972 – 1982) 0

Put simply, the Reliant Kitten was the four wheel sister to the Robin and replacement for the Rebel (also a three-wheeler). Arriving two years on the scene after the Robin, the Kitten’s low fuel consumption and high efficiency saw sales figure soar upon its release. Visually, the Kitten closely resembled the Robin – this no(…)

University of Cambridge solar car crashes before race 0

A highly advanced British solar car that took two years to develop was pulled out of a competition after it crashed into a barrier during pre-race testing. Ahead of the World Solar Challenge, held this year in Australia, the Cambridge University Eco-Racing team’s solar powered Mirage car rolled after experiencing a “sudden loss of dynamic(…)

Electric car battery breakthrough – 200 mile range can be recharged in minutes 0

For all their obvious benefits, electric cars to date have all had an obvious achilles heel – charging – and the lengthy time it takes to do it. This has been one of the major stalling points of a widespread adoption of electric vehicles by the British public. That particular issue could potentially be a(…)

Nissan reveal dehydration detection car seats that measure your sweat 0

You certainly can’t accuse Nissan of lacking innovation. The Japanese car maker has just revealed a prototype car seat that detects driver dehydration by measuring their levels of sweat. A recent study by the European Hydration Institute found that dehydrated drivers were just as likely to cause an accident as those who have been drinking.(…)

Toyota pulls out of Australia 0

Toyota’s withdrawal from Australia could see as many as 6,000 lose their jobs. The firm’s main plant in Altona North closed early October, seeing 2,600 workers lose their jobs – a figure which doesn’t represent the vast amount of supply chain workers who depend on orders from the plant. “All up today, there are about(…)

Renault to launch 21 new models before 2022 0

Renault plans to launch 21 new models before 2022, the company’s CEO Carlos Ghosn has announced. The models will make up part of the firm’s ‘Drive the Future’ plan. Of the new vehicles, eight will be fully electric and 12 will be electrified. Diesel engined cars are set to feature significantly less in Renault’s line-up,(…)