Peugeot 5008 takes cabin space to new levels 0

The major dilemma with Peugeot’s new seven seater 5008 is whereabouts exactly in the cavernous interior to store your stuff. You’re certainly spoiled for choice; space is something the 5008 has an abundance of. A third row of seats can be removed completely, boosting boot capacity from a spacious 720 litres to an extravagant 1,060.(…)

MOT Checklist – Tips to help your car pass first time 0

The dreaded MOT test… It takes a special kind of masochist who looks forward to that particular nail bite. The annual ritual, the nervous wait to find out whether or not we’re going to be stripped of our transportation, the sizable repair bill rubbing salt in the wound. Obviously our cars suffer a fair amount(…)

Tesla falls behind with production of ‘mass market’ electric car 0

Tesla has fallen behind on production of the Model 3, the car touting as being the company’s first ‘mass market’ vehicle. The third quarter of 2017 saw only 260 cars produced. The reason given for the disappointing figures are “production bottlenecks” but Tesla have been quick to point out there are “no fundamental issues with(…)

A look back at the Citroen 2CV (1948 – 1990) 0

It’s fair to say the 2CV polarises opinion. Whatever your take on Citroen’s famous ‘Tin Snail’, it’s impossible to argue against the car’s status as a motoring icon. Built between 1948 and 1990, the design of the 2CV was laid down prior to the Second World War. It was designed to be the car that(…)

UK drivers could be paid for owning an electric car 0

UK driver could be paid for owning an electric car under a new partnership between Nissan and Ovo Energy. The planned initiative is aimed at speeding up the mass adoption of green vehicles in the UK. The “vehicle to grid” technology will allow its users to connect their vehicles to the grid during off-peak, cheaper(…)

Classic car restoration could become thing of the past as values plummet 0

The number of classic cars on our roads could be about to drop significantly. A recent report reveals that values have plummeted for the first time in ten years. In September, Coutts reported a 10.4% fall in the cost of vintage cars over the last 12 months. Figures show that since 2005 – when compared(…)

Formula One: The greatest lap 0

Donington Park race track in the depths of the East-Midland countryside has only ever held one Formula One Grand Prix, but it can lay claim to debatably the most spectacular lap the sport has ever seen, by arguably the greatest driver. Even before his untimely death at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994, Ayrton(…)

Paris bans cars for the day 0

The start of October saw Paris close its roads to vehicles, giving pedestrians the chance to stroll the stroll the picturesque streets and boulevards, without having to dodge notoriously aggressive Parisian drivers. Buses, emergency vehicles and taxis were still permitted to use the roads of the French capital but pedestrians and cyclists were very much(…)

Toyota’s self-driving car has two steering wheels to stop robot joyriding 0

Toyota has released images of its new self-driving car. The first thing that strikes you from the pictures is that it has two steering wheels. The reason for this apparently is to better transfer control from human to robot.   The vehicle being used for the tests is a Lexus LS 600hL and is equipped(…)

Nissan Qashqais tops dirty diesel league table 0

The Nissan Qashqai has been found to be one of the most polluting cars on the road. Following a series of tests, conducted as part of the Allow Independent Road-Testing (AIR) Campaign, the most polluting diesels were named and shamed. The campaign called for car manufacturers to base their emissions tests on ‘real world’ conditions(…)