A look back at the Alfa Romeo SZ and RZ (1989 – 1994) 0

The SZ was first conceived as the ES30 design study in 1987. Later named the Sprint Zagato, it caused quite a sensation when it was released, not least because it was styled by Alfa Romeo and not Zagato as many people would logically expect. In fact, it was the controversial styling that led to the(…)

Flying car with electric wings offers freedom from traffic jams 0

This sounds ominously similar to a news piece from Tomorrow’s’ World in the mid 1980s… Russian company, Hoversurf, have shown off their latest concept – a flying car with retractable wings that can fit into any parking space. Called the ‘Formula Project’, the car can seat five people, take off and land vertically (like a(…)

Ten year old leads police on 45-mile high speed chase 0

In the US state of Ohio, police have been led 45 miles on a high-speed car chase through Cleveland pursuing the unlikely fugitive of a 10-year old boy. The junior-school racer stole his mother’s boyfriend’s car before leading the Ohio State Highway Patrol on the chase, at one point skidding through a ditch to avoid(…)

Formula One: The Worst Teams – Andrea Moda 0

For some reason, Italy has a more seasoned track record in producing rubbish Formula 1 teams than most other countries put together. The last couple of weeks have seen us pick over the bones of the monstrosities that were the Life and Coloni teams. This week our retrospective spotlight of mediocrity falls upon another short(…)

Bloodhound supersonic car to make first public appearance 0

A British car built to break the land speed record has begun public trials in Cornwall. The Bloodhound SSC is conducting “slow-speed” trials at Newquay Airport in preparation for its record attempt that will take place on a dried out lakebed in South Africa. The jet propelled car will be piloted by RAF Wing Commander(…)

Toyota say hydrogen cars will cost the same as hybrids by 2025 0

Toyota believes that by 2025 it will be selling hydrogen cars at the same price as their hybrid equivalent. At the moment, a mid-range Toyota Prius hybrids costs around £22,000, its hydrogen-powered range equal, the Mirai, sells at around £65,000. However the Mirai, despite its larger size, loses money once development costs are factored in.(…)

Prost believes Sainz will improve Renault performance 0

Formula 1 legend and Renault advisor Alain Prost believes Carlos Sainz Jr will help the team move to the next level of performance. The French team have borrowed Sainz from Red Bull until the end of 2020; the Spanish driver takes the place of Jolyon Palmer who has had an underwhelming season. Sainz Jr finished(…)

Peugeot’s Gran Turismo new concept takes performance to new levels 0

When it comes to eccentric concepts, Peugeot has an impressive track record. The latest example to emerge from the French car maker’s drawing board is this equally impressive/bonkers creation – the L750 R Hybrid Vision Gran Turismo. Sadly, the car pictured above with the lengthy name doesn’t actually exist in a physical form, but entirely(…)

Nissan electric cars to warn pedestrians by ‘singing’ 0

One of the public’s biggest concerns about electric cars is the noise they make – or more accurately, the lack of it. Superficially, this may sound like a good thing but it can actually present a problem as vehicle noise is one of the key warnings that alerts pedestrians of oncoming traffic. The silent engines(…)