Formula E nails it with this publicity stunt 0

In what can be construed as a showcase of their latest electric Grand Prix car, plus a fascinating reminder of the benefits of electric vehicle power as a concept. Formula E’s recent publicity film also pays homage to the world electric vehicles will help to protect. The short film sees a Formula E supercar go(…)

No cars will be able to beat new £500 diesel tax 0

No vehicle will be exempt from the new £500 diesel tax when it is introduced in April 2018. The new legislation, announced in the recent budget, will hike all new diesel vehicles purchased after its introduction, up a tax band. For cars that emit between 191g/km and 225g/km of CO2 that’s an extra £500 in(…)

How to spot car clocking 0

In the old days, car clocking could be achieved easily by just popping off the odometer cover and winding it back with a screwdriver. The digital age has made ‘clocking’ a good deal more complex. Rogue operators are using a vast array of illegal software to manipulate all manner of car functions, from reducing displayed(…)

Paramedic forced to get out and guide ambulance down blocked street 0

Paramedics do a fantastic job under trying circumstances. Saving lives whilst dealing with all sorts of hindrances: drunken assaults and abuse, literally having to drive a race of life or death against the clock when emergencies are called in. Now it seems even the police are doing all they can to make the lives of(…)

Frustrated commuter paints his own road signs 0

It’s certainly a novel way to beat the traffic; one commuter in China became so fed-up with uncooperative road signs that he decided to take matters into his own hands. Sick of having his bus sent round the houses on the way to its destination day after day, the man went rogue and adapted the(…)

The key changes to the UK driving test 0

From Monday 4th December, 2017, the UK driving test sees four new criteria added. Here’s a summary of the four changes: Increased independent driving. The independent driving section has been increased from ten minutes to twenty – this will now comprise almost half the test. Candidates will be expected to drive without turn by turn(…)

Servicing Stop tips for driving in snow and ice 0

Yes, we British do tend to make a ludicrous amount of fuss over a couple of snowflakes. Our transport infrastructure completely grinds to a pathetic, messy halt and we all whip ourselves up into completely over the top levels of hysteria. That said, it’s likely at some point over the next few months that you(…)

Thousands of test cancelled as driving instructors go on strike 0

December 4 saw thousands of driving tests cancelled across the UK as instructors staged a 48 hour strike. The strike was a protest by driving instructors at changes made to their working practises, with the introduction of new criteria to the current driving test. One of the new parts of the test sees candidates being(…)

English councils make £819 million on parking charges 0

Councils in England generated £819 million from parking charges and fines over the 2016-2017 period, a 10% increase on the previous year, a new study has revealed. The amount comprises the income raised from parking charges and penalty notices after deducted running costs. The study was conducted by the RAC Foundation who said motorists should(…)

Jimmy Stewart’s car from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ restored for New Year’s Day Parade 0

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. Arguably the most Christmassy film (though fans of Gremlins, Die Hard, Miracle on 34th Street may disagree). The car that Jimmy Stewart famously crashes in the Christmas classic is set to feature in a New Year’s Day parade after being fully restored. The black 1919 Dodge Brothers Touring Car will be(…)