BMW 5 Series Review 1

2013-bmw-5-series-side-view-1024x533The 5 Series is the most successful 5 Series ever according to BMW and now the company has brought it in for a revamp, half way through its six year stint.

There’s supposedly been a number of changes to the auto and key revisions to styling, tech and of course engines to ensure the car keeps up its winning stint. BMW claims a better drive and has included new 518 and also twin turbo V8 versions and there has also been a green upgrade across the range to ensure Euro 6 compliance.

Inside there has also been a number of upgrades to boots and a better iDrive system have been added.


A number of changes have taken place to the 5 Series, though we’ve taken a close look at the middle range 530d, with its six cylinder engine. The car comes with 258bhp and 400lbft of torque, meaning plenty to pull you out of any situation and also a great sound system too. The 8 speed gearbox is smooth as ice. Manual shift is also wonderful, immediate and exact and the engine has a lot of mid-range pull, which is something we really loved from the BMW.

Ride and Handling

The BMW is sharp already, but the company has been tweaking it for further sharpness. There are a number of driving modes now available and the car offers a range of extras to help steering and feel. Both the GT and the Touring models use air suspensions now as standard and the steering is heavy and exact and there’s plenty of confidence at high pace. We’d say it’s the best handling exec car out there at the moment.


The BMW has improved dramatically inside and the car’s iDrive feature is filled with high tech options to email, skip through menus and perform the electric duty you require. The display panel adopts to the drive mode you’re in and there’s plenty of information shown, though never an overwhelming amount. The iDrive stalk is still a bit of a pain though and could do with a redesign.

Quality is top standard and it remains tasteful and elegant inside at almost all times, lest you choose some crazy trim combination. There’s plenty of room too and the Touring and GT models offer vast amount of space if it’s required making it a great family car or a fantastic BMW car leasing deal.


As we’ve mentioned, BMW has pushed Euro 6 compliance with this revamp and the cars are greener than ever. The 518d can hit 62.8mpg, while only has emissions of 119g/km. There are a number of other great innovations, such as a coasting function that disengages the power train, there’s an ECO pro drive mode too and even the ActiveHybrid5 model.


The BMW isn’t a complete change, though it does have plenty of little incremental improvements that enhance it overall. There’s plenty here that has improved and even more for BMW to push the 5 Series in the UK.  There’s life in the old dog yet, as they say.