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BMW Servicing
If you’ve spent your hard-earned money on a BMW, you want to ensure that your car maintains the superb level of performance that these German cars are so famous for. However, finding a BMW dealership that has the specialised facilities for BMW servicing can be tricky and you can find yourself paying over the odds for services you could find elsewhere. But to get your BMW serviced, do you have to go to a BMW dealership?

The answer is no. BMW owners now have the right to take their cars to other garages for BMW servicing whilst still retaining their manufacturer’s warranty. Initially, this might prove a daunting prospect for an owner, but taking your prized possession to an independent garage for a BMW service can have its advantages, as long as you bear certain things in mind.

Your manufacturer’s warranty will remain intact as long as your chosen garage conducts any repairs using only original BMW parts, follows the authorised manufacturer’s car servicing schedule, uses BMW-grade oil and is VAT registered. If these points are adhered to, the garage will be able to stamp your car’s servicing handbook and protect your warranty while it lasts. The same applies to extended warranties.

Finding independent garages that specialise in BMWs is easier than you might think. You may also be surprised to find that many of them are able to charge much less than their franchised counterparts. This is because they are not required to meet the aesthetics required by a BMW showroom and generally do not employ sales staff. Without these overheads to pay for, independent garages can offer the same standard of workmanship, utilising approved technology and manual skill to carry out a BMW service, but at a fraction of the cost.

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