BMW’s future models 1


The new BMW M3 and M4

The brand new M3 and M4 will produce 430 BHP with a peak torque of 369lb ft. Both will weight under 1,500kg.

The M3 will represent the saloon and the M4 will represent the coupe. The engines will be turbocharged straight six, meaning the company is going back to their roots. The E36 and E46 M3 had sixers.

The fuel economy will be much improved. BMW claim that it has improved by a significant 25 per cent when compared to the old V8.

BMW says that the cars will adhere to Motorsport level performance in terms of the sound. To help their case the M3 and M4 will both have twin pipe exhausts with an electric operated flap. This will produce a “BMW M sound which is striking and unmistakable”.

New generation BMW 1 Series

A brand new BMW 1 Series is set for release in 2017. This time round there will be a hybrid option included.

The go ahead has been given for the new four door saloon which has been code named NES at BMW, meaning (New Entry level Sedan). It will be the company’s most affordable four door saloon.

BMW’s line-up looks set for an overhaul, with front wheel drive models to their lineup. The Compact Active Tourer will make it’s debut at the Geneva Motor Show next year. The brand new X1 will also be added to the line-up.

The new 1 Series (NES) has been described as “integral” to BMW plans. An insider went on to mention that “It will be an important pillar in the future 1-series line-up, particularly in the US and China, where sales of small premium-brand four-door saloons are on the rise.”

It will be the first vehicle to adopt the Unter Klasse aka UKL structure, meaning entry level structure. This was first showcased in Los Angles at the motor show in November underneath a Mini hatchback.

Production dates for the 1 Series stand at 2016. It will have some very tough competition from the likes of Audi and the Mercedes-Benz with their versions of the A3 Saloon and the CLA. All three vehicles have front wheel drive technology. There are also options for a front wheel drive as well as a four wheel drive, giving the customers options on all three.

There will be both three and four cylinder petrol and diesel engines. A plug-in petrol electric hybrid engine will be added, which will possibly be the vehicle’s EfficientDynamics model.

The next generation BMW’s sound pretty good to us.

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