Electric Car Sales Sky Rocket 1

With the popularity of electric cars growing, coupled with the drastic increase in sales over the last few years, it looks like there is no stopping this side of the car market from growing even further.

Increase in Sales

The amount of electric cars sold in the UK has                                                                                    elcetric-car-filling-updrastically increased over the last year; during the first quarter of 2014 only 1,789 electric vehicles were registered in UK, compared to the staggering 9,046 that have been registered in the first quarter 2015. That is an increase of 366 per cent which many believe is due to Government introducing a £5000 incentive to all buyers of new electric cars, combined with the low tax and running costs of owning one of these low emission cars.

Critically acclaimed cars such as the BMW i3, Mitsubishi Outlander, Tesla Model S, and the luxurious Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid all qualify for this grant, which has helped increase the sale of low emission cars.

New Schemes to be introduced

Many new schemes are set to be introduced; one for example is the ‘Go Ultra Low Campaign’. This scheme is ultimately a car sharing scheme just with the use of electric cars, with the aim to transform London into the ‘green driving’ capital of the world. French firm Bolloré have been tasked with the responsibility to introduce this scheme, who introduced the similar Autolib scheme to Paris in 2011, it has been very successful since then and is now used by approximately 220,000 drivers across the city.

The ‘Go Ultra Low Campaign’ is going to receive £500million from Government funding over the next five years to help make the electric cars more accessible to families and businesses across the capital. All this investment is aimed to improve the air quality in London. As London is currently ranked 15th for the best air quality compared to other major cities across the globe.

When will these grants terminate

The latest figures rereleased from the Department for Transport show that 25,000 grants for electric cars have been awarded to drivers across the country. An update is expected later this month on this topic but with sales booming at this current time, but the numbers of grants are going to rise rapidly. For current buyers this means you can get 35 per cent off the cost of a low emission Electric Car, with a maximum of £5000, and up to 20 per cent off the cost of a low emissions van, with a maximum of £8000.