The BMW i8 is finally here! 2

1024px-BMW_i8_IAA_2013_04It’s finally here. After years and years of remaining a concept car, speculation was rife that the i8 would remain that way. However it has followed suit from the BMW i3 and has made it into production and our UK showrooms.

As you can imagine the electric sports car will not come cheap. It will cost a huge £94,845.When you think of the car’s design, prestige and performance statistics, some may say it’s actually a bargain. The i8 is mainly aimed at the market of Audi R8 and Porsche 911 drivers.

The car can hit a top speed of 155 MPH; whilst at the same time achieve a MPG of 135. Usually vehicles on the current market achieve one or the other, never both type of statistics at each end of the spectrum.

So what type of engine is able to produce all of that? BMW have developed a 1.5 litre engine, a turbo three cylinder. Although that may sound very small, it is actually BMW’s most powerful engine per litre ever made. The electric motor is able to achieve a huge 129 BHP, that’s more power than some standard petrol engines out there. In just 4.4 seconds, the car is able to race from 0 – 62 MPH. Not bad for an economical car.

When looking at the car, you may think you are looking into the future. The type of dynamic materials used allow the designers to make the vehicle look anyway they want it to. BMW have taken advantage and have made a very unique design, making the vehicle look very futuristic. The chassis is made of lightweight aluminium material. The much talked about “life module” is developed from carbon. Wherever the car goes, it is sure to turn heads.

The inside is just as spectacular. The doors swivel upwards, just like a Lamborghini, at the touch of a button. The dash is all digital, adding to the futuristic theme. All materials are immaculate, with the interior looking superb. This BMW is just as intelligent as it looks too. There are plenty of driver aids, including a feature which allows you to turn on your air conditioning using an app on your phone. Another cool feature is the use of the real time traffic, so that the vehicle automatically selects the most efficient drive mode depending on the drive ahead.

Well worth the price tag!