Truth about BMW M6 CSL release 0

BMW M Series

BMW announced years ago that a new M6 CSL was to be made and due to be released by 2010. The car was indeed built, but BMW announced the axe of the M6 CSL project due to “business reasons”. It appears that executives just didn’t see reasons to justify the car being put into production, with the figures not quite adding up.

CSL stands for Coupe, Sport and Lightweight. The BMW M6 CSL was due   to be the companies’ most expensive car. The car was supposed to be a sportier version of the M6 with more powerful components, with the car in general being based on performance.

With the recession severely affecting business and the car industry in general, the release of such a high class model just wasn’t feasible according to BMW. The last CSL model that was made by the company was associated with the E46 M3 Coupe. This wasn’t considered a major success either, with just 1,400 units being produced between 2002 and 2004.

The original BMW M6 is able to produce 500 brake horsepower. It has a 5 litre V10 engine and its kerb weight was 1,710kg. The car’s 0-60mph time was an impressive 4.4 seconds and could hit about 205mph if derestricted.

The CSL prototype that was produced was 220 pounds, had an active aerodynamics package which was based mainly on the floor and contained a more improved V-10 engine. Although the car was produced, no figures of its performance on the track were released, meaning we will never get to know what the car could really achieve. Nevertheless some experts estimated that the CSL would have reached 0-60mph in just 4 seconds flat, with no major improvements on the top speed even with the new aerodynamic changes. Performance wise the main improvements would have been the car’s acceleration and its handling while changing direction. This would have certainly been a great ride for the type of drivers who look for speed and excellent handling.

With the BMW M6 basing its features to highlight that of luxury rather than performance, many could argue that the CSL would have defeated the object of the car.  The CSL was intended to be made for sportier and performance purposes, attracting a completely different type of market. Though the model was well received in customer clinics but was ultimately rejected by higher ups in the company.

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