5 Reasons You Should Take Your Car To A Certified Collision Repair Shop 0

Car-Paint-Shop-Nobody enjoys getting into an accident, even if the end result is just a door ding or some minor body work. But whether you’re fixing a fender-bender or have major collision repairs to do, you should make sure you’re getting the work done at a certified auto body shop. Why?

1. You Get Higher Quality Work

Certifications have to be earned, of course, but beyond the fact that you know an auto body shop’s mechanics have done their homework and have the experience to do the job, hiring certified employees means that a collision repair shop is better able to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident state.

Each manufacturer has different standards and different requirements, and a shop that can’t measure up is going to deliver lesser-quality work.

2. You Have Service Guarantees

A certified collision repair facility stands behind its work. That’s important for more than just reliability reasons; insurance companies are never responsible for the warranties on repairs – the body shop provides all guarantees. So if a collision repair shop isn’t certified, and doesn’t back its work, you’ll be stuck paying for the costs out of pocket.

Remember, the damage done to your car may not show up immediately. If you get in a crash, you may not be able to see a bent frame, but when your car goes out of alignment, or your tires begin to wear unevenly, you’ll feel it, both in your ride and in your wallet.

3. Your Car Is Repaired With the Most Advanced and Up-to-Date Techniques and Equipment

A certified auto body shop is constantly checking the certifications for both the shop and its employees. As cars change — in their engineering, their materials, and their construction — so too do the tools and repair techniques needed to fix them.

Certified shops send their technicians to factory training to keep at the forefront of manufacturer standards (see Mercedes-Benz’s standards for body shops here for a great example of a stringent manufacturer certification program). It can be difficult for non-certified mechanics, even talented and experienced ones, to learn about these yearly changes, let alone implement them in their shops.

4. Your Car Is Safer

Collision repair’s ultimate goal is not just to restore your car to looking like it’s brand new; it’s to repair your car so that it works exactly as it did before the accident. A certified auto body shop will, for example, replace parts so that your car’s crumple zones remain intact. A shop without those certifications may not know about the zones, or may decide looks are more important than safety, and suddenly you’ve lost an important safety feature without even realizing it.

You get what you pay for, and that’s generally not a principle you want to apply to the safety of yourself and your family.

5. Your Car Will Hold More of Its Value

Even if you never get into another accident, proper collision repair ensures that your car will hold more of its value. When you go to sell or trade in your car, you’ll be able to demonstrate that it was properly repaired and that those repairs are guaranteed by the shop.

But if you’re trying to sell off or trade in a car that’s potentially not correctly repaired, you may have to accept a lower value, and may even find yourself unable to get rid of it in the first place.