A third of motorists lie to get cheaper car insurance 0

a-third-of-motorists-lie-to-get-cheaper-car-insuranceAt Servicing Stop, we’re always keeping our eye on interesting developments from the motoring world, and a new survey we’ve commissioned has revealed some truly staggering results.

For the survey*, we asked over a thousand motorists questions relating to car maintenance and running costs. The answers we received turned out to be extremely interesting; and not a little worrying…

Perhaps the most surprising trend to emerge from the research was that – of the respondents participating – a third admitted lying to insurance companies to secure cheaper car insurance.

Of those admitting the deception, a massive 47% were aged between 18-29 years old, with the figures gradually tailing off as the age groups got older.

Men were also more likely to lie; 37% overall admitting to manipulating the facts to secure a lower premium. An unfavourably statistic when compared to women, with only 29% admitting to not telling the whole truth.

These figures are perhaps not so surprising coming in the wake of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, which announced that home and car insurance premiums were set to rise by an average of £51 per year following the proposed increase in premium tax by 2% from June 2017. An enormous 74% of motorists surveyed said they were concerned by the hike in prices.

Other worrying data gleaned from the survey showed that a huge 20% of 18-29 year olds have driven without a valid MOT and 17% of the same age group without insurance.

One in ten drivers revealed that they wouldn’t declare a minor accident to their insurer; again the most likely age group to admit to this were the 18-29 year olds, a quarter of them keeping quiet following a minor scrape and 28% admitting to fleeing the scene without leaving contact information.

Oliver Richmond, Joint-CEO of Servicing Stop comments: “Over the last 2 years, the tax rate on home and motor insurance premiums has doubled and it is very likely motorists will face further hikes, as insurers raise premiums in 2017.

“Motorists are being hit hard by these insurance price rises, which are excessive. According the Office of National Statistics (ONS), average car insurance bills jumped by more than 13% over the past year following a surge in costly claims. The ONS research shows that younger drivers are paying the highest bills.”

“It’s a great pity that motorists are being driven to lie to their insurers to make savings.  They may not realise that this will make their insurance null and void if they are found out by the insurers. Our research clearly shows that motorists are being driven to desperate measures to curb the cost of insurance.

“The best course of action is for motorists to shop around to make savings across all their motoring costs.  At Servicing Stop, we make MOT and servicing affordable motorists by helping them avoid high prices, but still receive the same quality service.  Our vision is to improve the car servicing industry – to make car servicing convenient, affordable and trusted. It is applied to every part of the customer journey from marketing, product and customer service.”


(*Source: Survey commissioned by Servicing Stop through research company, CINT – 1073 motorists, December 2016).

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